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Powerball Lottery

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The estimated Powerball jackpot for tomorrow night is $250 million.

What is the first thing you would do if you won? Other than scream of course

I would pay off all of my bills and help my family out with some of their bills. Then I would take a trip somewhere. I think I would eventually set up some type of charitable foundation.
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I would buy a bigger house with a lot of land, go to the humane society and adopt all the animals they had (yes all of them) I would try to give them a better life while they are waiting for a furever home.
I would pay off my parents house buy my sister a house, and the future in laws wouldnt be in the dire straights they are in.
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If I won that much money, I would probably drop dead from shock.
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Oh, we have it all planned out! BTW, after taxes (with our local taxes figured in), the cash value would be about $80 million.

OK, there's this French Chateau just in the mountains that we've decided we want. The Bank owns it (apparently foreclosed), so it originally listed at over $8 million, and now it's a BARGAIN at just under $4 million. So we'd buy that. Lots of room for more kitties! It's about 11,000 square feet.

Then I want to get a Plum PT Cruiser and send it to be customized with opalescent Blue Flames in honor of the Colorado High Power Junior Team. Earl has a list of cars he wants.

We have charities we want to donate to, as well, in addition to setting up trust funds for the kids (not ours, obviously) in our lives.

And, of course, we would have to travel. There's lots of places I want to go, and people I want to meet face to face - all around the US, Britain, Europe, Australia... Just haven't figured out how to work that with the kitties...
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I think I as well would fall right over in shock!!!

Then I would probably take off somewhere with family and animals for a long time!!! Scoop my parents and inlaws right up and take them with me!!
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With that kind of money, I would probably be able to buy a country. Yayi Republic, how does that sound?
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Well I would buy land, lots of land. To much farmland around here being sold to make another subdivision. I would rent the land back to farmers and maybe do a development for nice low income housing. Then buy some bling; shoes and purses. And a new vehicle. But I have to buy the winning ticket 1st!!
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First, I would send in large donations to all of my favorite animal-related non-profit orgs, then I would pay off my mother's mortgage and my own mortgage, then I would buy my husband a Cadillac CTS (the convertible model), then I would buy myself a Pontiac Solstice, then I would have a plastic surgeon suck all of my fat out and make my chest smaller. *smile*
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I played...didn't win...back to being a poor college student.

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MegaMillions is up to $103,000,000.00, and I forgot to buy tickets on the way home.
I'd pay my debts, start a customized investment portfolio, make my family richer than they were, have my car repainted, buy a better computer, travel a lot.
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Break my lease,pick out a house and buy it.

Buy parents' house and lease it back to them for $5 per month (if I just pay it off, they'd have to pay taxes on the money).

Help Mark and Sam buy a house and set up trust funds for the twins.

Get more cats and dogs and hire someone to scoop litter boxes and rake the yard.

The new car can wait until next year - I'm going to buy the 2007 Dodge Challenger anyway.

Buy ex-husband's mortgage and call in the note. (OK, maybe not but its a nice dream).
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I like some of the ideas on here already.......
*Get more cats and dogs and hire someone to scoop litter boxes
*I would have a plastic surgeon suck all of my fat out and make my chest smaller.
*buy some bling
*Yayi Republic!!
*French Chateau just in the mountains
*I would buy a bigger house with a lot of land, go to the humane society and adopt all the animals they had (yes all of them)

I would put my kids in a comfortable home, with their dream car, hubby would have a fully stocked huge garage with his dream car and tools out the wazzoo. My TRUE friends would get a very nice gift. My family would all go on vacation to Vegas, staying at different hotels all expenses paid. My kitties would have condos and steps that lead all through the house up to the ceilings, and endless can and dry food. I would have a dedicated personal trainer and a pink bathroom with jacuzzi, whirlpool tub, and a maid that comes twice a week, every week!
Just off the top of my head.
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First, when I got the money, I would quit my freaking dead end job!!

Then move away from the vultures that would come out of the woodwork. Pay off everything I owe, help family and friends.

Then I would travel and see some of this great world.
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We don't have Powerball Lottery here, but we do have Mega Millions. If I won it big in the lottery, the first thing I'd do, is pay off my bills, which wouldn't even come close to putting a dent it the money. Then I'd buy a Penthouse Apartment in New York City, overlooking Central Park, and I'd move myself and my furbabies to New York. I'd hire a private jet to fly us there in comfort. I'd pay for the finest decorator in New York to decorate my apartment, as well. I'd give my brothers and sisters and my closest friends a million dollars each, so they could also have a better lifestyle.

I'd give some money to charities, but I'd have to check them out to find out which one's I felt most compelled to give the money to.

I'd also start up my own graphics design business, so I could work at something I loved doing.
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Its 21 million euros for germany today, my mother played and is praying to win!

I would pay off all of my things, make my license buy a car and a appartment, lots of toys for teufel and kaylee, donate money to the cat society
Buy clothes clothes clothes, shoes shoes shoes, bags bags bags
I would buy what ever i wanted!
Oh yes and stock up loads on the cat litter tricia buys!

Oh and with 21 million, I would just make a baby and devote my time for it as i have too much money anyway! :P
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OOOh yeah, I'd head for Jimmy Choo's, Stuart Weitzman's, Ferragamo, Manolo Blahnik.............
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Pray for Wisdom!!!! After I pick myself up off the floor of course!
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Hmm, lots of prayers first.

Buy a large tract of land here in the valley (I love where I live, but land's getting scarce) and sit on it, until I decide what kind of house I want to build.

Buy a NEW truck (instead of the used one I'm planning on buying anyway) and donate one of the cars to a charity.

Pay off the mortgage for our local Humane Society (who just opened a new facility three months ago, and are already expanding the kennels).

Have a very long, heart to heart talk with my mutual fund advisor about what to do with the rest of it.

NEVER worry about paying my tuition bill again!!!!! Yes, I would still pursue my degree. That is a goal I am intent on, and not for the money.
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Hmm, maybe visit that stud farm in Vegas...
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