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Do they know they'll be going to the vet?

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Hi!! I'm new here. This may sound crazy, but for the past 2 days my cat is totally ignoring me. He has a vet appointment on Saturday for an allerygy shot. He has to have one every month or two. It's starting to hurt my feelings. He's been sleeping in my roommate's room and running from me. He's not evening coming on my side of the house. I just wonder if he knows he's going to the vet. He is pretty smart. Any thoughts?
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Ha! You know I wonder if they know when we set up the appointments too! He might be mad at you for some other reason to. Phenom has been running from me to but that is bcasue the static electricity in our has has gotten bad! She get several shocks from me at a time!
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Welcome to the site!

I think that if you are stressed out about the appointment then they sense something is wrong. You were right when you commented on how smart they are I would recommend giving your cat some space. Don't chase him around trying to get him to spend time with you or let you pet him. If he is hiding under the bed, don't poke your head under trying to call him out, for example. Maybe sit quietly in the same room with him and read a book out loud. Before you know it he'll be in your lap wanting cuddles.
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Welcome to TCS.
I will share my vet day experiences with you.

Cats read our body language. It is a survival mechanism that has developed over millions of years.
When vet time comes around, and we feel stressed about it, they quickly become aware that something is up.

I begin the vet day dance by placing their carriers out in the open a few days early if possible.
Then on vet day...I close them into the room with the carriers.
I have two kitties who usually go into separate carriers.
That is the problem. The first cat goes into the carrier fairly smoothly.
Cat #2 is like trying to catch a greased Wiesel.
I have had to turn my couch over to get Sadie out from under it.

The funny thing is....at the vet's office, all they want to do is get back into their carriers.

You gotta love 'em.

When your are home....remain as calm as possible with your kitty and trust that your lap will be occupied with your furry friend soon.
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They know when somethings wrong, Im sure of it. Last night we'd all been playing and the cats were worn out. Mark and I sat on the sofa and Sleeves was lying on the floor. All of a sudden we thought wheres Nismo, she was off hiding somewhere but this always makes me uneasy I like to know where she is so we got up to look for her I even checked the fridge as she loves to climb in there lol. Sleeves got up and his tail went all bushy and the hairs on his back were all raised, Nismo came running to us anyway, goodness knows where she had been but Sleeves knew something was wrong.
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Today I had to take frosty to the vet. What I did was call for the cat, then I grabbed him and put him in the carrier. It was a little struggle getting him in there, then once him, he would try to bite his way out, do whatever it could to get out. Once we opened the carrier at the vet's office, it didn't want to come out at first, then there was no problem getting it back in carrier, once home, came right out.
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At our vet's office, when it is time to come out of the carrier, it is like delivering a breach birth baby.
They do not want to come out.
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