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Medication Option for Pets

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I came across this site while I was online and thought that some of you might find it useful:


I've never used this pharmacy but they do compounding and custom meds (there are probably other pharmacies out there like this but as I said, I happened upon this one online). For those of you with pets that have difficulties with maintenance drugs, are impossible to pill or have special medicine needs, this place might be able to help.

In looking at the refill info, it seems that they ship all over the States. Or, you could always check to see if a pharmacy near you provides such a service .

P.S. They do the same type of things for children's meds, and we all know what it can be like to give meds to a child .
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Thanks for the good information. These pharmacies can be a lifesaver. My kitty is beyond impossible to pill so, through one of these pharmacies I get salmon and tuna flavored liquid Prednisone and Leukeran. I located them through my vet and they're very good about working with me to prepare the meds especially for my particular cat's needs. They offer a huge variety of flavors including apple, cheese and fruit. They offer creams, cookie treats, oral pastes, topical gels and the usual tablets and ointments. I definitely think they're worth looking into for difficult-to-treat pets who neeed to be on long-term medication.
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Not at all. Murphy takes 1 ml. of 25 mg. Prednisone a day. A one-month supply is $24.00. I don't have a cost comparison to the pills because a 25mg. pill is pretty big and I didn't even consider the option long enough to ask the price. I also checked out a mail order pet pharmacy (not the one Vikki mentioned) and they gave me a price of $33.00. It might be expensive, but it was so traumatic trying to get medication into my cat every day, it was worth it to me.
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