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Howling Too!

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Help! My girlfriend's cat has gone mad!
Indulge me in some history...My girlfriend went to America for a year, leaving the cat with a friend. He took to howling in the middle of the night, and kept it up for the whole 12 months! Now she has returned, and after 3 months of settling in, he has started again. He usually starts his vocal practice at dawn. At first we thought he was hungry(he is usually fed at 8.30am), but even after food was available he continued. Is he ill? Is he mad? Will he drive us mad? He is also very jumpy these days. It's a real behaviour change for him.
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cats are only vocal like that when something is wrong. It could either be a medical problem that he is trying to make someone aware of or he is very upset with all the moving around. Is he neutered? Does the original owner have him back now? Does he do it at the same time every day? Has he ever been an indoor/outdoor cat?
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