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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
Haha! That's funny! I hated high school and passed by the skin of my teeth!!!! OR maybe it means it's a time in your life you should never go back to again...
Oh, and I just remembered another one I have almost weekly...I'm driving and I go careening off the side of the freeway! I have that one a lot! It's so vivid that i actually do a double take to make sure I didn't actually drive somewhere and got home somehow. I dream I'm flying too.
Let me pretend I'm a Dream Analyst for a second. Let's see....... Your driving really sucks and you worry that it will greatly affect your life one day. Quit driving and the dream will cease recurring. Okay I'm done.
Originally Posted by Pombina
I just remembered my dream from last night!!! And Im actually pretty upset now. I went out last night and had a few drinks so maybe this affected how I dreamt.
I dreamt Mark and I were shopping and the heel came off my boot so we were in a shoe shop to see if they could swap them but they didnt have those ones in stock, so anyway I was waiting for them to find me a pair of shoes to walk home in and the shop turned into a house type thing and all my family were there and my Dad walked in with my Grandad who died about 6 years ago. I was hysterically crying and hugging him and taking in his smell (ok my eyes are filling up now) but I knew in my dream that it was just a dream and that was how he was able to be there. He just spent the whole time letting my family hug him and I just cried the whole time. Then it turned back into the shop and apparently the girl had found me a pair of shoes hours ago but Id been hugging my Grandad so she didnt want to disturb me.
You really miss him don't you?
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Yeah I really do, he was on 64 when he died and he was the coolest man on the planet. It was a waste Its cool to be able to spend time with people in dreams though, when they're not around in person anymore.
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I've had meany bad dream's. But there was only one that actually made me cry. I don't remember all of it, but I remember my mom falling from a very high place and dieing. my dad was i it and I remember hugging him and crying into him. When I woke up I cried to. Ever since then I've been scared to detah of hights for some reason. Heck, after thta night I wouldn't even sit on my dad's shoulder's.
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