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People are going to hate me, but I love mornings! It's peaceful time before the rat race of the day gets going. I love to read the paper with a cup of coffee...

What's your favorite isle at the grocery store?
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umm...Probubly the Candy Isle. What? I have a sweet tooth!

What's your favorite Soda Pop?
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Favorite soda- Fresca!!!! Refreshing.......

Okay how about your favorite....Website??
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....um....ummm...*look's nurvose* grrr! TCS or BZP...I can't deside! I can't say one, so I'll say both are my favorite!

Ok, what's your favorite...smiley?
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It just looks so happy

Do you get hangovers? (very relavant to how Im feeling just now )
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Luckily, I don't! (Big night last night, Lauren! )

Which is your favourite online place to shop?
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Fire Mountain Gems.

Favorite sandwich?
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Favorite sandwich?
Probably right now... French Dip

Favorite wild animal
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black leopard

what is your favorite smell?
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Fresh cut grass

Favorite snack food?
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Frito's Flavor Twists - Honey BBQ!!!!!

I go through 2 bags in a sitting!

Favorite purbred breed of cat?? (Mine's a Singapura)
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Does a Siamiese count?? (I don't know very much on purebred cat's.)


What's your favorite song?
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Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones

What's your favorite day of the week (and why)?
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Friday! Its the end of another work week - and the begining of the weekend!

Name your favorite singer
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hmmm...Toby Keith, at the moment!

What's your favorite TV show?
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Thread Starter 
At the moment, The Family Guy. Took me a while to warm to it and now I just can't get enough!!

What's your favourite way to spend a rainy afternoon?
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Browsing the internet, playing with my kitties or looking for garden ideas!

What is your favourite way to celebreate your birthday?
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Going out to eat and spending time with friends and family1

What is your favorite gemstone?
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Emerald (its my birth stone)

What is your favorite color? (this reminds me of monty python and the holy grail...lol)
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Do you like your job?
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Some day I do some days I dont'!

Do you have short hair or long hair or medium hair?
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medium hair

what is your best feature?
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I love my eyes and my smile

Whats your favorite Holiday?
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What is your favorite clothing store?
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Old Navy

What is your favorite constellation?
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Favorite movie of all time?
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The wizard of Oz

who is your favorite actor
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Morgan Freeman

What is your favorite brand of gum?
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Tea: sweetend or unsweetened?
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Which one is your favorite Care Bear?
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