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Game - tell us about your favourite.....

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Ok, so it's not really a game, but we have so many new members here lately, and so many regular names about the board, that this is like a little way to get to know each other better.

So, I'll start with one of my favourite things, then I ask the next poster for a topic, and they answer, and then the next person answers and makes up the next topic, and so on...

So. My favourite restaurant. At the moment it is an Indian restaurant around the corner from us called `The Cinnamon Club'. YUMMO!

They have a whole vegetarian section on the menu, cool decor - like something out of `Boogie Nights' - cosy booths, outdoor tables and absolutely the most delicious food!

Ok, next person, tell us about your favourite THING TO SLEEP IN
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My long silky nightdresses

Next person : Tell us how you like your coffee (cream and sugar etc..)
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Hot Cereal or Cold?
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What's your favourite colour?
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What is your favorite brand of toothpaste?
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What's you favorite car make/ model?
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OOOh a Pontiac G6-- Its my new fav!!

What is your favorite cereal?
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Kellogs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

Whats your favourite item of clothing?
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Currently, my purple velvet dragon dress.

What's your favorite non-candy snack?
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What is your favorite non-cat related magazine
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Popcorn with salt!!!

What's your favourite time of year?
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LOL Fav Mag is PCGamer, fav time of year is Spring!

Aside from cats, favorite animal?
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Whats your favourite thing to wear on the beach?
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My pretty pink bikini with flowers on the top!

What is you favorite vegetable?
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I guess it would depend on time of yr. Spring it would be asparagus, summer sweet corn and fresh tomatoes, fall newly dug potatoes and all yr round-carrots!!

What is favorite article of clothing??
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My turquoise top. Need to get another!

What is your favorite summertime beverage?
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Tea, with NO sweetener at all. (first time i went to the south i about gagged when i drank the tea. wasn't ready for it as i never had it sweetened before)

What's your favorite type of milkshake?
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What is your favorite movie?
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Movie: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (yes, I' ma sci-fi geek girl... and proud of it!!)

Favorite ice cream flavor?
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mmm....Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough

Whats your faveorite TV show?
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American Idol

What is your favorite comfort food?
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Mac and cheese!

What is your favorite treat at the fair?
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
Mac and cheese!

What is your favorite treat at the fair?
Elephant Ears (with Cinnamon)

What is your favorite animal at the ZOO?
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a Lemur!!!

What is your favorite sports car?
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RX 8

Waht is your favorite store to spend money at?
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Victorias Secret!

Favorite place to go on vacation?
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Since I don't vacation often, I'll say that my favorite place to vacation while growing up was the Colorado River near Parker, AZ.

Nowadays, I'm looking at doing some 4wheeling trips soon...Mojave Road, Anza Borrego, etc.

Favorite stuffed animal?
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I'd have to say my life long soft toy friends, Bunny and Floppy (80's Andrex soft toy!)

What is your favourite thing to do in summer?
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Get all our friends together and go for a long road trip, everyone in their own cars, stopping off here and there so have a laugh. I LOVE summer.

What do you most look forward to doing when you finally have the house to yourself?
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Singing. Even though I do it when people are home.

Your favourite time of day?
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