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Kitty Update

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I just wanted to keep ya'll updated on the kittens, sorry it took me a while, but with Sandie away there's loads to do and keep up with, I can't wait until she gets back!!!

Anyway, This is Antarctica with her baby (the rest are being cared for by Purrty Girl). She's doing VERY well, gaining about 1/2 an Oz a day.

Shortly after this pic was taken, I weighed all the kittens and it seemed that Annies Red Tabby wasn't gaining as much weight as the rest soooo I switched it with the white one. That should give the little one a boost in the weight department.
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And here are the rest of the little ones, getting bigger by the day!!

The red tabby on the bottom of the picture is the one I put back with Annie..
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aaaaand someone was wondering how Rhiann is doping so, her she is. She has about 10 days to go, and getting bigger by the day....

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Those are precious pictures.

I liked the bit that you "switched it with the white one." That's too bad - it made for a coordinated photo . But, I'm sure that red and white look nice together too .
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Awwwwww, thanks for the pics!!!! I'm glad everything seems to be going so well, and hope the little one gains some weight!
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With mom's full attention, I'm sure Little Red will fill out in no time! Great piccys! thanks for sharing them, almost as good as having kittens of my own!
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Oh Ken - they are sooooo pretty and healthy looking! You must be so proud!
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Awww they are just adorable...... but you people have to stop posting pics like that - its not fair Im getting "Maternal urges" :LOL: (for kitties, - just to clarify.... hahaha)
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They are just so beautiful. Thanks for the update Ken! With Rhiann due in a short time you guys will be over run with kittens. Wish I lived closer - I would offer to kitten sit for you!

I just can't get over how gorgeous Annie is. All your cats (well, all cats in general) are beautiful, but she is just amazing!
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Love the pics!! Hope the little one gains more weight. I'm sure they'll all be fine!
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beautiful beautiful!!!!! You guys are so lucky to have so many kitties around

now i wanna see MORE pics!
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Awwww, cute pics! Hopefully those kittens will gain more weight soon. And yes, we could take more pics
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Ken and I got some really cute pics of a few little ones

This is Purrty Girls Look alike
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This is Annie's Red and White Tabby
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This is one of Annie's white Munchkins
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And no.... it only LOOKS like I have squeezing grip on them...

Cropping honey... cropping...

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Oh, look at them! So cute! And their little eyes are starting to open too! So soon. Gosh, I really want a kitten! (not that I have any place to keep kittens)
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Sweetie - pies - all of them!
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Oh my goodness those are the cutest little things!!! I just want to love them and hold them and pet them and ........
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What adorable little faces!!!!! I love them!!!
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I want 'em ALL!!! Opie needs baby bros and sisters!! Seriously, though, we are going to the Hermitage (a local no-kill) next month. Its time for us to get babies. :lips:
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The babies are growing like weeds!! I would LOVE to keep them all. This is the hard part of being a breeder. I should be taking some pictures tomorrow so you guys can see how much they have grown!!
kat- that's great that you are going to a non profit for a baby. I am sure the new addition will be wonderful!!
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Thought I would get some pics in from today
Here is Purrty Girl with her
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Here is Annie with her little Red and white Tabby
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I love the pics! Keep em coming!
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They are growing! Purrty Girl isn't going to have enough room for all of them pretty soon. :tounge2:

Beautiful pics Sandie, and beautiful babies.
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They're so big! They look lovely. They must be starting to get around pretty good now.
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All the kitties look cute! You must have your hands really full with Rhiann expecting in about 10 days. You are going to be over run with kittens. lol
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