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Cat Pee?

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Hey Guys,

My can't can't seem to stop peeing on my bedsheets--even while I'm sleeping ON THE BED. I am taking her to the vet as soon as they have an opening for an appointment but I wanted to get your input...

Her pee makes no stain mark whatsoever, it isn't even yellow--doesn't stain anything and doesn't smell like anything that I could swear it was water.

Do you think this could be a bladder problem?
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Are you saying it isnt pee, it is almost pure water?


Lets proceed with the thinking from here.
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Sounds like a vet visit should be the first order of business to rule out any health issues.
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It could be a bladder problem or a kidney problem. I'm inclined to say kidney since pale or nearly clear urine is often seen in cats with kidney problems. However, my Spot also has nearly clear urine and his kidney values are normal, so a vet visit with blood work is really necessary to rule things out. Has your kitty been drinking more than usual? How old is she?
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Bladder problems might cause problem urination, but would not cause urine to be overly dilute--that is a function of the kidneys, but hormones play a role in this also. You'll have to see your vet for a diagnosis, but I would not delay the visit because something like diabetes insipidus will dehydrate your cat quickly if not treated.
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