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Please Help Asap!!

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I just had gotten a kitten 2 wks ago, who is now 10 wks old. I've always had a stray come to the back porch for as long as I can remember. I feed her when I see her, but she seems to belong to someone. Who is the question, and I have tried everything to find out who the owner is, with no luck....
Anyways, today it was cold outside, so I let her in for a while, and instantly, her and my kitten became inseperable. Within a half hour of her being in my house, the kitten was latched on to her nipple. And I let it continue only out of amazement. But the kitten stayed on there for quiet a while like he was getting something, although everytime I came near and tried to break it up, they both werent very happy.
So my question is...She is noticable rounder, which I am almost 95% positive she is pregnant. And with the kitten latching onto her like that I just wondered, does this mean she is due SOON. Or not necessarily????
If she is due over the weekend, I would feel better keeping her here, incase of an emergency etc, and I dont want her to have the kittens outside in the cold.
Does anyone know if actual lactation means like today?? or could it still be weeks away?
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Usually the milk starts to come in at about 6 weeks into the pregnancy. It probably isn't a good idea to let your little guy nurse on this girl as the first milk that comes in after delivery is filled with good stuff the newborns will need. Getting him out of the habit of nursing on her now will reserve these good things in her milk for the litter she will be caring for.

A cat's gestation period is about 63 to 65 days so if she is lactating now, she may still have two to two and a half weeks to go before actual delivery.
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alli, I agree with Gaye. Keep the cat inside from now. You will probably have to separate your little guy from her by keeping her in a separate room, as this is the only way that the nursing will stop.
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OK, thanks to you both!!!
I was just worried that maybe by him drinking from her he would cause a pre-term labor or something..I will keep them seperated, I just hate the thought of her having these kittens outside...
I will keep her in and try to search for the family that owns her, even if its not to give her back, but let them know that I will properly take care of her!!
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Good luck and don't hesitate to turn to us for help if you need it.

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is it possible that she has recently given birth? maybe outside somewhere? Because, momma cats are sometimes still pregnant-looking after birth.
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No, I dont think she has had them already...Being that she was always coming here to eat...I have always watched her pretty closely..Its been so cold over the last 2 months I have actually dealt with her more..
At xmas time I brought her in, this was before I even had a kitten, and went and got her all kinds of treats etc...
But figured someone missed her and sent her back on her way, she is just too nice to be a stray..Anyways, she wasnt big at all then, or even the first half of Jan. so I doubt she has already had them...And today it was almost 60degrees, so I had the back door open..not even thinking, and she wouldnt have left if you would have begged her too..So she is content..All she does is eat and sleep, tummy bigger, nipples bigger as well as lactating..She might jump up onto something twice a day..other then that she is lazier then ever...
I just cant wait for the babies to come, specially since I dont even have a clue when they are coming. I did have one more question though, I tried to feel her tummy, and she barely lets me go near it...Should I definitly feel the saks or kicking???
And something else that was bothering me was...Say she wasnt pregnant..and my kitten started nursing..that couldnt have caused milk production , could it???
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When a pregnant cat is ver reluctant to let you feel their belly or abdomen, it makes it much harder to feel any kicking. Wait another week and you may see them kicking while she is laying down. As for the milk production, it has happened on very rare occassions that a non-pregnant animal will lactate but I'd say she is lactating because she is pregnant. It's best not to let the kitten nurse, as the colostrum (first milk) is very important for the newborn kittens to have.
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Any updates???? Just wondering how everything has turned out. Hope all is well....
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nope!! nothing, she is getting bigger, but still no babies....
she is more reluctant on letting me feel too..i swear when she lays on her side, and i get a quick touch i can feel something , its like her belly is laying on the floor, and it feels like theres pouches in there, i just cant feel movement or anything
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Wow..this is exciting...I dont know why..But Im like seriously interested in what's happening. Any pics of this pregnant stray? This is amazing.

I gotta know what happens. Please keep us up-dated.
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Ok, now I have been waiting for the day to happen , and now im almost wondering if I am going crazy.....She is still getting bigger, nipples are so prominent you can see them from across the room, atleast the lower 2...
But no babies, or signs of labor, she is more affectionate, and more vocal over the last 3 days...
I am starting to wonder if she is even pregnant, but you cant ignore the nipples and tummy...
I sent my kitten to enjoy time at my brothers house, just to give them space apart..That was 2 weeks ago..So is it possible she wasnt lactating then? and he was just sucking to suck??? and maybe now they are finally filling up??
I have pictures just didnt know how to get them on here..
Im still waiting for someone to claim her, she is such a wonderful cat, but it is getting more unlikely as weeks pass.
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Sounds like you just may have yourself a new little addition to your home! I declare it seems that when you start asking around as to whether or not anyone is missing a pregnant cat, people clam right up!

I would bring your little boy baby home, but just keep on eye on him with the nursing behavior.
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