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Job Interview!

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Hey, I finally got a job interview!

Now it's retail, but it's management, so that's okay.

The name of the store is Zany Brainy, and in case you don't have one near you, it's owned by FAO Schwartz and does educational and developmental type toys. Very cool stuff.

They must be pretty interested in me, since I got the e-mail from FAO S. that my resume had been received, and not 5 minutes later the phone rang from Z.B.

So say a prayer for me. I'm pretty excited!
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sunlion, that's awesome!! It sounds like it would be a fun place to work. Good luck!!!!!
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I sent up a prayer! Good luck!!
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I love Zainey Brainey they've got some really kewl stuff!

I hope you get it!!

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All our fingers and toes and paws are crossed here!
Let us know.........
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Zany Brainy is a great store! I guess that the revised resume did the trick for you. Good luck, sunlion!
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You go girl! Prayers flying........
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Good luck! Zany Brainy is sooo fun!
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YEY!! Good for you Sunlion!!! All the best!!
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All body parts that can be crossed have been crossed for you. Good luck! Now if you get the job, don't spend all of your earnings there!
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It sounds like an ideal place for you to begin working outside the home again. Let us know as soon as you do!
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Super postive thought going your way!! Gosh, that sounds like a great place, and you would even get discounts for getting fun stuff for your daughter. Good luck!!!
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Prayers are sent your way from Utah! Good luck and let us know how it went!
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Allison, I'm so excited for you!!!! We are all pulling for ya!
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I'll keep my fingers crossed for yah!! Good luck!
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Excellent! I'll keep my fingers & toes crossed for you! Good luck!
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Well, I think it went pretty well.

She actually said, it looks like it could be a good fit, and that she'd call next week.

However, I am the first person she's interviewed, and she has about 30 more resumes, so I don't know how I'm going to compare in a few days . . .

So, I am cautiously optomistic

But I have met a goal, which was to have at least on interview by the end of April!
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Everything sounds good so far. Congratulations!! Let us know what happens.
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Glad it went well! keep us posted!
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