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not really new

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hi all! i'm not really new, but i never get a chance to be on the computer to tell you about me. my real name is marlayne, and i go by layne. as far as my animals i have 11 cats and 4 dogs. "justy" was my dog of 17 years and i had tp put her sown this past aug. she was the first dog i ever actually owned by my self. when i was younger, i had alot of horses of my own and we as a family had several dogs and cats. i live with my boyfriend sam, who is wonderful. i had my (own) first cat in 1993, a maine coon named kiowa. he was a stinker!! he was used to being an outdoor cat and when i got him, i did not want him to be outside. he had some very serious injurys from being outside with the previous owner. he thought he was invincable. unfortunately, i only had him for 2 years when he got out on me one night. he had been hit by a car before (previous owner). anyway he got out on me one night and never came back. i was hysterical. i live way out in the country, and i went to all the neighbors and asked that if they saw him, to call him and bring him to me. one of my neighbors had a siamese she had found along the road and asked if i would be interested in taking her. i said no, i really just wanted kiowa back.
about 8 weeks later, i discovered kiowa's body in the cornfield across the road. i was REALLY hysterical then.
i should put in here, i had called my local spca and asked if they would look out for kiowa for me, and that if they had any maine coons come in to give me a call.
after i found kiowa, i called my neighbor and asked if she still had the siamese. she did. so i brought her home and named her icis (i know a greek goddess) because her eyes were ice blue. then about a week later, the spca called and said they had a maine coon come in, and he was sick. since they knew i worked at a local animal hospital as a tech, they said i was pretty much they're only choice, or they would have to pts. so came whiskers.
then, as i was driving along my road, i saw a little black kitten in the road. i stopped my car, got out, and started mewing to him and low and behold, he came to me. so came cecil. i named him that after a horse trainer friend who died, (and i was wrong, his name was orville). cecil was about 8 weeks old and weighed less than 1 lb. when he was young, he would sleep under the covers with me and still does.
when sam and i met, (would you beleive we met online? and still going strong after 4 years together!! ) sam never had a cat and wanted one of his own. and so came sunburst. she literally calls me ma !!
i don't know if i should continue or not. my story is kinda long. i guess i can, i guess if y'all get bored, ya just won't read on. (i llived in the south for a while and sam picks on me about still havin' a southern drall)
when sam and i first met and he was spending a weekend with me, somehow cecil got outside and i lost it. cecils my baby. as sam and i walked up and down the road calling cecil, i was just bawling in sams arms. when we were around my place, we could hear cecil meowing. we had a very vicious neighbor who would do mean things to outdoor cats and i thought for sure cecil was in one of his traps. well i was suprised the next morning when sam woke me up and said cecil was under the house. but...in the meantime i went to another neighbor and.....so came kaluah. but kaluah was pregnant. she had 4 kittens. powder, a male, who got his name 'cuz when he was born, he was a pale powdery orange. donut got his name 'cuz he is black with a perfect round white circle on the lower half of his face. kaluah had 2 females, kayla and baby. i guess sam and i are not to creative with names.
in the summer of 2004, a local grocery store (very small) had kittens for free. i had stopped to get gas and when i went in to pay, the cashier had a very pretty little muted gray and orange colored kitten in her arms. i started cooing at her like a baby (sam and i don't have children, i had a complete hysterectomy) and the cashier said her ( the kitten) and her brother were free. i loved the female, and when i saw the male, i about dropped over. he was a flame point siamese. the ONLY one on our whole area. too bad i couldn't registar him. and so came trouble and coke.
well i have written an awlful lot and i should go, and sorry for boring any of you. thank you for listening.....layne
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Hello there Layne

Welcome to The Cat Site... so glad you found us

You will love it here
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Hello It's nice to meet you!

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Welcome to the site! You have some wonderful stories about your kitties!
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Hi welcome to the site.
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Hi Layne and welcome to TCS!

I know you'll love it here, so much to learn and many great friends to make along the way!

You have some wonderful stories about your kitties! I look forward to seeing pictures and hearning much more about them!

I also look forward to getting to know you in the other forums!
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