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What does a hairball cough sound like?

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Hi everyone!

Today Mochi really freaked me out by starting to wheeze ... about 20-30 seconds later he started coughing. He hasn't done it since, but I was wondering if it's anything I should be concerned about. Is it a hairball cough? He's not stuffy or anything and not sneezy, and he hasn't been around other cats to make him sick. Do you guys know what he could be having?

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I think a "hairball" cough would sound different with every cat. Your vet could give you a better diagnosis than we could and would probably be the best thing for Mochi. Please keep us updated.
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If it sounds odd to you, would run em' by the vet to rule out any obstructions or anything. When my DLH gets a hairball she goes through about a minute of wheezing with a little grunt to it hruun-hruun something like that.
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I'd say vet too, just to be sure there's nothing more serious... although it does sound hairball-ish... Oliver honks like a goose when he's coughing up a hairball, hahaha - definitely scared the poo outa me the first time he did it!
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Each of my babies do it differently. From Skinny being quiet and very ladylike about it to QT who whizzes and chokes before throwing up a hairball bomb.
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