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I'm back

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Not sure if any of you will remember me but I was on here last year when m7y cat Dora had her kittens. Well here is the bad news. I am in the situation again. I tried to go get Dora spayed and the vet wouldn't do it because she was in heat. They just won't do it around here. I then had to take her to the vet because she was in heat to long and they said she is just that kind of cat. Well needless to say she got pregnant. I have called the vet and they are going to fix her earlier this time in hopes that she won't go into heat. I know it is horriable that this happened again but what could I do. I ended up keeping 2 of her last kittens so now I have 3. She is about 57 days pregnant now and has fluid comming from her. Same as last time and it started earlier this time. It also looks like she is carring more this time (she had 5 last time). I have been able to see the kittens moving in her for the last week or so. Here I am playing the waiting game again.
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I wish the vet community was not so ignorant! Even when I got Jasmine (Red) and Blue fixed, they weighed in at 4 pounds. The vet was uncertain if they were big enough...I have read of 2 pound cats being speutered!

We do spay and neuter clinics for feral cats...do you think they get turned away due to being in heat? Of course not. Stupid vet!
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All vets should be required to take booster courses every few years. I'd understand not wanting to spay while pregnant, but not spaying due to heat is just BEGGING for a knockup, especially when the cat is up there in years.
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I know I was so mad. I live in a very little town with only a few vets and they are old so very set in there ways. They say that spaying a cat in heat puts her at risk for bleeding so they won't do it. There are not even any 24 hour emergancy vets here. It is just a small town and people don't like change and new information. I wish they would have done it though because I feel bad that Dora is going through this again. She is a good mother but pregnancy stresses her out. She is very cranky tonight and just scratched me. Not that she is all that nice most of the time but lately has been very loviing so I was surprised that she scratched me just out of nowhere. I just hope she has them soon and we can get her spayed very soon. Thank you all for listening to me vent and everything. Just a little stresses out about the whole situation.
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What a difficult situation! At least you and Dora have been through this before so you have an idea of what to expect. She can be spayed as soon as the kittens reach 8 weeks, so hopefully she hasn't already gone into heat by then.

Good luck with everything.
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Well good sign maybe...Dora has been laying in her box for a while now so maybe soon. I hope so I just want to get this all over with so I can get her fixed. I will let you all know
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Originally Posted by pregogirl
Well good sign maybe...Dora has been laying in her box for a while now so maybe soon. I hope so I just want to get this all over with so I can get her fixed. I will let you all know
(crosses everything)
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Well I don't think it will be today. I think she has now gotten stressed out because my cousin who was living with us moved out today and I am making his old room a playroom for my kids and I think all the moving is really upsetting her. I would have liked to wait but this is my day off so I need to get it done.
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Has she had them?
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Nope still waiting. She started acting strange yesterday. She has been in my room which she has not been in since she got pregnant. She is also lettong me pet her belly and she is a very cranky cat who really doesn't even want to be touched. Late last night she started having a little bit of discharge. Also yesterday milk seems to have come in. I am not talking about having a little milk I am talking about FULL nipples. I don't remember her being like that last time. fShe is not going in her box much. Well she is sleeping in there but has not been nesting (digging in her box). She is 66 days today so she has a little time left. She went to 67 days last time, or at least i think so. I was not 100% sure on the dates last time. I am just hoping it will be soon. She is now wandering from room to room crying so it seems like she is starting something.
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i'm sorry to hear about your situation. i applaud you for the fact that you tried to do the right thing on several occassions by attempting to have her spayed.the vetrinarians you've used seem to need a refresher course or two. at the shelters and rescues i volunteer at in memphis, we spay and neuter healthy kittens once they reach two pounds.reguardless of what some vetrinarians may claim, we have personally never had a problem as a result of altering the kittens at an early age, if anything, it ensures that they will not have offspring that end up on the streets or euthanized because vetrinarians delay altering them. so once your little dora gives birth, assuming the kittens are healthy at 2 or 3 pounds , i would take them to a different vetrinarian for a thourogh exam and round of tests, deworming...and have them spayed/ neutered....i would also have dora spayed as well once she stops lactating ...or if you see fit, after she gives birth....because nursing moms can still get pregnant. i wish you the best of luck with your present situation. i have fostered quite a few cats, so if you need any help or advice, please feel free to ask....also, i'm not sure if you've been doing this or not, but, be sure to feed the dora a high quality kitten food (i've found the dry Science Diet Kitten or the Purina Kitten Chow formulas to be wonderful)....both dry and soft...the kitten formulas give a pregnant and nursing mom the added nutritional needs she requires to maintain a healthy weight and properly care for her young.
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Any babies yet?
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Originally Posted by Pombina
Any babies yet?

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