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Originally Posted by sheilad
By the way, You might see if you can call the office where he is and have them hold the phone so he can hear your voice. I had a tech who did that for me once and it seemed to help my cat to hear a familiar voice even if you can not be there.
You know, it's funny you say that because I was just about to post about this very thing!

Mom went to visit him again today around 7pm and the vet let her use her cell phone while she was in the back with him. It was great because I got to hear the entire conversation with the vet so for once I wasn't getting my info second hand. He can sit up and he can stand for short periods... but he doesn't quite have control over everything.... like his front paws kind of knuckle under when he stands and if he's up for more than half a minute or so, he falls over. He has more strength on his right side than his left. He still can't get himself into a litter box, so he's still peeing on himself, but the vet says he actually made an attempt to get to it today, so thats a start. He does ok in the cage, but since he still can't see he gets very frightened and disoriented if you take him out and put him on the floor since he doesn't know those surroundings as well as the cage. A few little scratches on his nose from trying to suss out his surroundings and hitting his nose on things, but nothing major.

But on to the phone thing. While mom was at the vet's office and giving me the update on his situation, the poor kid was just crying and howling a blue streak. He's the original scardy cat when he's feeling well, so I could only imagine how nervous he is now. Oh it was just breaking my heart... so I had mom put her cell phone in the cage with him while he was laying down and I started one of our "conversations" - see Az is such a chatterbox he loves to have full conversations with people... and they could last like half an hour. As long as you keep saying "Really?" and "Is that so!" he'll just keep talking and chattering and meowing away. So she put the phone in the cage and I told him that he has to get better because his mom misses him and he stopped crying and "talked" to me. Oh I was so happy to hear it I just sat there going "really? is that so!" for 10 minutes... and he just sat there chattering away with me. Mom started crying.. I started crying... the vet started crying...

The vet is very optimistic that with his recent turnaround he might be able to come home in a few days. She wants to get him home asap because she thinks having him around Jack and Johnny will help him heal faster, and I agree. I knew from the start those two would be his support system through this. It just been such a roller coaster ride that we want to make sure he doesnt take a sudden down turn over the next few days so we know its safe to take him home and let him heal.

There's still damage and he may never be completely back to normal, but he's done so well in the last 24 hours, I finally have so much hope!
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I almost started crying there. I'm glad to hear you have your hope back! My fiance and I have you in our prayers day in and day out and will continue on! When do you go back home???
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Mega misty eyes, here! That is so lovely to hear! I can just see him realizing, "Hey, that's my Mum...Mum...? Gee, it's good to talk to you, Mum..." I sure do hope your boy can come home soon, and be with his buddies. What a grand turnaround he has had!
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WOW I expected to open this thread today & see some sad news. Instead I'm fighting back tears of joy. I'm so glad things are starting to look up. He's in my thoughts & prayers & since I told my furbabies about him, I'll be sure to tell them about this good turn of events.
Keep strong AZ - Your mama loves you & wants you home!!!!
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I'm so glad to hear that he's doing better. I came to this thread expecting to hear bad news. WTG, Az!
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Azrael will be in my prayers from now on! I lost my precious Gibril to one of those blockages, so your baby is showing everyone that miracles can be possible.
Hang in there, both of you.
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What a wonderful update!! It's so great you got to talk with him!! I bet that did him a world of good (and you!!)
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This is wonderful news! What a fighter!
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Oh my goodness thats great news! I have to admit I have tears in my eyes now. I hope so much that he is up and about soon and can be home with his buddies. I also hope he gets his sight back poor baby,
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
I can just see him realizing, "Hey, that's my Mum...Mum...? Gee, it's good to talk to you, Mum..."

lets get you home Az
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Ladies and Gentlemen... furkids of all ages...


I'll give more of an update later because I'm seriously tired... but I just wanted to let everyone know the good news
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Im so happy to hear that I have been watching for an update I am so glad he gets to come home. Poor baby.
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what wonderful wonderful news

WTG AZ!!!! your such a brave little fighter
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Thats great news!!! Good boy Az you little superstar!!
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That's great news! I'm looking forward to your update.
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Wow, that's great! Is he still not seeing? I found when Smudge couldn't see, it was good to put a bunch of cat beds around on the floor because he wasn't real comfortable getting up on the couches for a while. Also when we brought him home, we took him to the litter box first, and let him walk around and "discover" his food bowl, etc. It's not good to carry them around because they get disoriented. Can't wait to hear how he does!
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Oh my gosh, that just brought total tears to my eyes. I'm so happy for you & for him.
Keep on fighting AZ!!!!!!!
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I have been reading this thread and following the saga, with tears in my eyes.

Me and all my furbabies send hugs accross the seas.

What a brave little fighter he is.
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Can't wait for the update!
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YaY! Congratulations!!!
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Awww, poor baby! I am glad he is improving!!
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Wow, what an emotional thread! It's so good you were able to 'talk' to AZ since I'm sure it made a world of difference to hear your voice!

Yay to the both of you!

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I have tears just running down my face right now! I hope he is doing well and I am so happy for you and Az!! Good for him!!
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Oh I'm so sorry it took me so long to update everyone. Between phone calls about Az, closing on my house and Buddha's (lab/newfie mix dog) anal glad problems, I've been running around like a nut!

But here's the information you've all been waiting for.

Mom brought him home around 4pm on friday. He was actually cleared to go home thursday night, but since he needed constant supervision when he first got home mom didn't want to bring him home at night when she'd just be going to bed and not able to watch him.

She has him closed in the spare bedroom so he can figure out where everything is. Jack and Johnny have made their permanent residence on the outside of the door just waiting for their chance to say hi to him. Unfortunately everything that's happened has given Az a cold (from stress). Nothing bad, just the sniffles, but we've decided to keep him seperate from the other cats until this clears up and until he smells like himself again (as opposed to smelling like the vet's office which would freak the other cats out.) So probably another day or two until Kitty Cuddle Fest '06. (LETS GET READY TO CUUUUUUDLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEE!" )

He's figured out where the litter box is and has gained enough strength to use it regularly. He's still weak and shaky and lacks control over himself... mom said the best way she could describe it was when he sat still and tried to hold his head up it looked like he had parkinsons... the same kind of shake. Still a little trouble controlling his limbs... like he lifted a front paw to groom himself and the whole arm just went flying... it wasn't a controlled arm lift... hard to explain...

But he is grooming himself a little. He's become a chatterbox again. He's still bumping into things, but is getting better at figuring out where everything is. He can't stand or walk for more than a few seconds at a shot and he's still very unsteady - which leads him to fall over occasionally - but he's standing and walking much better than he was. Much better. Seems to have more strength in his front feet than his back feet.

But the best news of all is that his pupils are starting to respond to light. He still can't see, but the vet said this is a VERY good sign. The vet also assured us that this would take time since the optic nerve is the first thing to go and the last thing to come back.

Things are really starting to look up for him. Considering he was at death's door a week ago, it's amazing the progress he's made. I always knew this little boy was special, but boy! Now I just think he's amazing!
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This is FANTASTIC!!! Hope he just gets better, and better and better . . . until he gets all the way well.

You're mom must be a sweetheart, too, to be his cargiver in your absence. Hope you get him with you very soon now. Hugs to both of you.

Heal Az, heal!!!
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Originally Posted by MuttigreeMom
I always knew this little boy was special, but boy! Now I just think he's amazing!
and he has a whole world of cat lovers that also think he is amazing

what wonderful positive news... may he continue to improve from strength to strength
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Almost speechless here with tissue in-hand. Just read this thread from beginning to end and WOW!!...what an emotional rollercoaster you have been on. God bless you & those have given Az so much support & love.

Sending many healthy positive wishes your way!!
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****hugs**** for you!
I cannot bear to think of what this poor cat has been through. You are wonderful! I am praying for this little angel.
(I hugged my 2 kitties.)
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