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I can't even imagine how hard this must be for you. I'm praying that he fights through this. I give morning kiss good bye every day, but when I get home tonight I'll give each of them a hug for you & Az.
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Wow. Your story started out in such a wonderful way with his rescue, I can't see anything else but a happy ending. He has alot of good things to fight for. Please have faith, & I'll send you some to go along with it.
Mini & Tucker want Azrael to know that he will enjoy basking in the sunshine-we are from the Space Coast, too!
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We love you Az! Lots of healing vibes your way! - joji, skinny, QT, wawa, jello and their mom yayi
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I'm sending lots of healing vibes Az's way.
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I'm so glad your little Az is feeling a bit better! He's already got a lot of people here pulling for him!
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Oh, I hope the little guy pulls through! I'm glad to know that he's getting better. And al;so, form those pictures, I think he's a real cutie.

Sending good vibes,
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az, me and the boys are thinking good thoughts for you!!
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A little cloud just blocked my ray of hope...

It seems that when he crashed, some damage was done to his optical nerve (from what I understand, usually one of the first things to be damaged when an animal goes into CA and has to be resusitated) As of right now, Az is blind.

My mother went in to visit him today and he was just laying like a lump in his cage at the vets office. They had taken the tube out of his nose, but they still have him on IV fluids and on a machine thats pushing the fluids through him. They said the catheter is doing well... they're really not worried about that at this point, their only worries are any damage he had when they had to bring him back. Mom said when she went to visit him his ears perked up at the sound of her voice and he let out a little meow like he knew she was there... but he couldn't find her (visually) and his eyes are dialated all the way as if he's trying to get some light in there to see. From what I understand, the doc said his eyes are unresponsive to any light at all.

Apparently there is a slim chance that he could regain sight, but if there was as much damage to his optical nerve as they think (he was out for a few minutes before they finally got him back) it looks like if he makes it out of the hospital, he's going to be blind for life.

On the up side, I know Az will do just find as a blind cat. This little boy is a devil and a fighter and a mush all rolled into one. He has two best friends waiting for him at home (Jack and Johnny) who never left his side when he wasn't feeling well. The whole time Az was sick at home, Johnny stayed with him and just kept rubbing on him and licking him. Those boys are really attached to each other... so if Az comes home blind, I know they will be the ones to help him through it.

So, while the blindness is sad, it's not my current worry. My current worry is any unknown neurological damage that they haven't found yet... which is still a possibility.

So fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed.... we'll see how it goes.
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Oh Im so sorry for Az Ive been checking this thread constantly for updates on him. Like you say though, you know he will be fine as a blind cat although it is heartbraking for you.
I really pray he's fine apart from that and that he regains his sight. Thinking of you in this difficult time.
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aww, have everything crossed for him, but am sure that he will be able to adjust to being blind. Fingers crossed that this is the extent of the damage
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Still hanging in with everything crossed for little Az. And for his Mum and family.
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I've just come across this thread.... I am so sorry you and Az have had to go through this He is such a gorgeous boy!

I'm keeping everything crossed for the two of you and sending you both healing vibes to aid his recovery
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Az continues to be in my thoughts and prayers. He's a fighter, that's for sure!

With everything that has happened, I'm going to move this to Health & Nutrition for you. We have people who are very knowledgable about these things that may not see the thread here in the Lounge. They may be able to help with what you can expect, ways to help Az adjust if he is blind for life, etc.

to you. Keep the faith!
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I'm glad to hear he's doing better, I feel bad about his vision though. But atleast he has buddies at home waiting to help him through. You and your babies will continue to be in my prayers, and I hope for a fast healthy recovery!
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Well it's starting to look like this whole episode is coming to an unfortunate ending.

They have come across another neurological problem as Az has lost all ability to control his muscles. He can't move, he can't lift his head, and his body is completely rigid. At first they thought it could have been a potassium deficiency since he was at one point in potassium overload. They tried supplemental potassium along with other therapies and he's shown no improvement. We're giving him until tomorrow to see if he's improved at all, but it's looking as if we're gonna have to put him down. Having him blind for life is one thing, but keeping him around when he can't move a muscle is just torture and unfair.. so we feel its in his best interest to let him go peacefully.

He's on pain medication right now, so he is at least comfortable. My only hope is that he hasn't been aware enough in the past few days to really feel what he's been going through. I'll miss my little man, but now he gets to be with his friends who have passed before... Mayhem, Apache and Melody.... and not suffer anymore. I just hope that somewhere over the bridge there's a couch for him to hide under so he feels right at home.
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You and your family are in my thoughts.
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You'll be in my thoughts and prayers as you consider this decision. It's never easy, but I applaud your clear thinking and consideration of what's best for Az. He's been well loved.
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I am so so sorry. You've both been through so much since you adopted Az. You will be in my thoughts when it is time for you to consider your options.
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Oh my word Im so sad for you. If things don't improve then you are doing the right thing for him. You've given him a great life so far, and shown him that he can be loved and that not everyone is evil like those kids. You know if he does go to RB you'll always have a guardian angel.
Let us know how it goes, really thinking of you and Az
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So my mom went to visit Az last night and the situation was pretty dire. He wasn't moving. His legs were still stiff and unresponsive. He couldn't get up to use the litter box, so he was more or less peeing on himself since they removed the catheter. (Granted, the vet techs are good about that kind of thing. They'd clean him up quickly so he didn't have to lay in it.) I got a call from mom last night telling me "I think this is it".

And I resigned myself to thinking that it was and it was probably best for him.

And then this morning we received a frantic call from the vet that Az STOOD UP and ATE! I don't know any more than that since she only left a voice mail, but hot d*mn that's the best news I've heard since this whole thing started!

Never underestimate a cat with the will to live, that's for darn sure! Best Vday present I've ever gotten!

And thank you to everyone on here.. you all must have been praying overtime to get this to happen

There's still some neurological damage and its still up for debate whether or not he'll be able to see again, but as close as we were to losing him, things are definately starting to look up!
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That is fantastic news!! I am soo pleased for you.

I'm sending more healing vibes to help little Az recover as best he can Hang in there little one
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WOW! That's fantastic! that the improvement continues!
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WOW!!! what a fighter this little boy is

come on little one - so much love is being sent your way. We are so proud of you

crossing my fingers, toes and eyes for continued improvement
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It sounds like Az is a fighter. Continuing to send major vibes/prayers to both of you.
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I just came across this thread. Mercy, have you been on a roller coaster ride the past few days!!! I'm glad things are finally looking up for Az. It sounds like he's a tough little guy (along with being a cutie). And, it appears he's getting very good care from your vet.

Sending healing vibes to Az . . . heal, Az . . . heal. Your mom, grandmom, Jack and Johnny want you to come home soon.

Hang in there. It's got to be doubly tough not being there, and having lost Mayhem recently.
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Wow, what great news! TCS prayers sure do an awful lot, as you now know!
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Sooo happy to hear the good news! Hope he keeps recovering quickly!!
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Thata boy Az!!! He is truly an inspiration to us all!!
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I am so glad things are looking up. I have been in the up, down, up, down situation before and know how hard it is. Me and my herd of kitties (and the dog) are sending both of you the best. By the way, You might see if you can call the office where he is and have them hold the phone so he can hear your voice. I had a tech who did that for me once and it seemed to help my cat to hear a familiar voice even if you can not be there.
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YaY!!! I got goosebumps! I'm so happy for you and Az!!!
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