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Hug your furkids...

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This is probably going to be long, but I just need to get this out.

In the fall of 1999, I was just about to move into a new apartment when I decided to get a friend for my cat, Mayhem. In the search for the perfect companion for both him and me, I came across a very scared, very shy, very badly beaten and tortured 5 month old orange tabby cat. He was lovingly rescued by my vet at a laundromat where he saw the neighborhood kids beating this poor kitten with sticks, putting him in a dryer... all sorts of horrible things. This little man looked like he needed a friend in the worst way.. and he got two... myself, and Mayhem... and eventually, many more.

I called him Azrael (from the smurfs). That little boy must have known I was there to help him because he trusted me instantly. It took him almost a year and a half before he would even let my mother touch him, but he would spend every moment he could sitting on my shoulder and licking my face. (Pretty sure he took off a few layers of skin here and there too ) What a love... an absolute love. And a poly cat too! I always loved sitting on the bathroom floor with him watching him drink water out of his paws... using the extra toe like a thumb.

Not long ago, I made plans to move out of state and asked my mother to watch my Az, Mayhem, and Jack (who came a year after Az) while I house hunted. I found a huge place with plenty of room for my whole zoo, with ginormous windows that I know Az would just love to sleep in and watch the world go by. I put in an offer on the house so very excited to get my kitties back...

And then today I got a call from my mom that Az is sick. She got him to the vet asap (same vet that originally rescued him, so it's a vet I trust). They said he had a urinary blockage... that they could fix it with a catheter and fluids... that he would have to stay over two nights... but he would be ok.

Ok, that's fine. I felt horrible for the poor little man, but his prognosis was good, so no reason to worry, right? He'll be ok!

About an hour later, I get a second call... They put him under a light anasthetic so they could insert the catheter and he went into cardiac arrest (I think they said something about a potassium buildup from the blockage causing the cardiac arrest, but I'm getting my info second hand so I may have that wrong) They had to perform CPR and rush him down to the emergency animal hospital because they said cats who go into cardiac arrest once generally go into cardiac arrest again... and they wanted to make sure he was somewhere that had a full overnight staff in case something happened.

Just got another call... they did get the catheter in him before he went into cardiac arrest... they had to have him on oxygen... a small part of one of his lungs collapsed, so his breathing is very labored... they said theyre not sure if he aspirated when he vomited or if it was from the chest compressions, but they gave him antibiotics so he wouldnt get pneumonia. He's currently on IVs and just barely stable. Right now they're just hoping he survives the trip to the emergency hospital.

This just isn't fair! My poor little man had to go through such torture in the beginning of his life that he just doesn't deserve this happening to him now. And I hate myself that I'm 1200 miles away and can't be there for him and all I can do is sit here and cry. I hate wondering if he's ever gonna see his 7th birthday... if he's ever gonna see the big house with the windows I picked out just for him to sleep in.... if I'm ever going to see him again. My little man doesn't deserve this. He's overcome too much in his short life to be taken out by something like this...

And on a selfish note, I just lost Mayhem to congestive heart failure a few months ago (he was born with aortic stenosis), I can't go through this again this soon!

So please, hug your cats for me. Hug your dogs for me. Hug everyone for me. ... because I can't be there to hug my little man myself.
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Oh wow, you poor thing, and your poor darling boy.

Let me just say, that cats have a wonderful strength and loyalty. He loves you very much, and he will pull through this for you, I know it!

How hard it must be for you not to be there with your baby.

And RIP Mayhem, sweet boy
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I'm so sorry for what you and your baby are going through right now.
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I was only able to skim it so pretty much all I know is that you're going through a rough time. I will hug my little Jack Daniels for you once he comes out of hiding.

Next time I see my Mystik and my Tracii I will gladly hug them too but they don't live with me so hopefully that'll be soon.

Be strong keep your chin up.
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Thank you all for your thoughts i really appreciate them... and so need them right now as things have gone from bad to worse.

He's at the emergency vet right now. They have him back on oxygen and fluids. They had a paper for us to sign about whether or not we'd want them to perform CPR if he crashed again. So my mom called me up to make the decision... I told her to ask the doc for his opinion since I'm not there... and I can't look at Az's face and see what he's going through. The doc said if he crashed again, it wouldn't be good for him and he could end up staying in a comatose state for a while... and theres a good chance we'd be reviving him only to find out that his kidneys no longer work and we'd have to put him down. So, we signed a DNR. We figure he's a young cat so theres a chance he could pull through without crashing again, but if he does crash, it's best not to let him suffer.

It's amazing how fast this went bad.
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Oh dear oh dear. Yet, it seems you made the hardest decision with your kitty's best in mind. You don't want him to suffer, even though you are suffering thinking about it. I have everything crossed for you
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BIG to you as you are going through this. Your love for Azrael shines through your words, so please know that Azrael knows your love even 1200 miles away. You are making such difficult decisions, and such selfless decisions for what is best for your beautiful, furry love.

Sending lots of healthy and strong vibes to Azrael, and more strength vibes to you and your mother...
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Just wanted to add a few pics of my little man...

Az and his buddy Mayhem

Az and his buddy Jack

Poor kid
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Oh man, I don't even know what to say. I hope everything goes well for your little guy, and I can only imagine how you must feel right now. You are both in my prayers, and I hope for only the best for your kitty, and your soul. You guys both deserve it.
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I hope your little guy pulls through this for you.You sure are going through a rough time.
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Sending much strength to you all at this difficult time!
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I'm sorry your little guy is going through such a difficult time.
I know it's hard on you to not be there with him, but your love for him is so obvious that I'm sure he somehow knows you're pulling for him. We all are.
I'll keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers.
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We are all here for you! Reading your story brought tears to my eyes. I will be praying for you little ones and you.
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I just saw this and am so sorry. I am praying for you and for him. Hoping for the best, please let us know how he is. Hugs
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I had to make a heartwrecking call on one of my cats about 1 1/2 yrs ago so I cam sympathize with the anguish you have. The vet hospitals can do lots with our pets. I hope he pulls through.
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I'm so sorry that you're going through this. You both will be in my thoughts.
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This is awful! Esp since you're not there. I really hope the little guy pulls through, he really looks like my Sleeves.
I was sickened when I read the part about how he was found, I just can't understand it and I get so so upset about stuff like that.
Please keep us updated about how Az is doing and sorry about the loss of Mayhem.
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An update:

I just got my latest update on his condition (god knows what my phone bill is going to be like this month, ugh! But I just have to know)

Ok, I think when I last posted he had just gotten to the e-vet and we had just signed the DNR. They kept him on an oxygen, an IV and the catheter overnight with constant supervision. They said he started going south somewhere around 2am, but the little bugger fought it off and started improving around 4am. The improvements are small at this point, but at least they're there! They retested his blood gasses and saw improvements there. He's no longer semi-comatose, is awake, but very uncomfortable and very unhappy. (But like the doc said "I'd be unhappy too if I had a tube up my nose, one up my urethra and one in my arm!") He's not exactly alert or anything, but awake and that's a bonus. He's still not out of the woods, but they did clear him for travel back to his regular vet - it's not a long drive, so as long as he takes the IV with him they think he'll be ok. His breathing is still labored since part of one lung is still collapsed. He's got a long recovery ahead, but things are starting to look up a bit. I've got every finger and toe crossed over here...

.... and so help me when he gets better he is going to get one stern talking to about letting us know when he feels sick a heck of a lot sooner! That is, after I hug the snot of out him The vet said not to feel guilty about it because cats are really good at hiding it when they feel sick... and my mom said looking back on it he may have been trying to tell her because he was walking around the house meowing... but see, Az *always* walks around the house meowing, even when he's in perfect health. If I were there, I would have chalked it up to his chatty nature just like mom did. We had no idea he wasn't feeling well until he vomited yesterday and at that point he went straight to the vet.

Well I have to rush into the office, but I just wanted to give you all and update and thank you for keeping him in your thoughts while he goes through this.
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I am so glad he is a fighter! He is still in our thoughts and prayers until he is back home and you hug him for hours! And then tell him he better tell you when he feels bad or else you won't know!
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Thats awful I feel soo bad for you. You say you are running in the vets office, are you going to see him ? I hope he keeps improving, and is back home with you in no time Sending MANY strength and wellness vibes your way.
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Sending lots of hugs and positive vibes your way, and I hope your little guy continues to improve.
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So sorry little Az is having such a tough time, and that you can't be there with him. But I'm glad to hear that there is some improvement. Fingers, toes, eyes -- you name it! -- are all crossed that your little fighter continues to fight and be well soon.
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SEnding big hugs and hope he continues to recover.
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Poor Azrael is in my prayers.
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Azrael is in my thoughts and prayers, please keep us posted.
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OMG! Your poor little man. My girls and I are sending healing vibes Azrael's way. We hope he's all better, real soon! Keep us posted.
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Originally Posted by chichismom
Thats awful I feel soo bad for you. You say you are running in the vets office, are you going to see him ?
Oh, sorry for the confusion. I meant I had to go to my work office, not the vet's office I'm in Florida right now (Space Coast... I think I saw someone else in here posting from the Space Coast) and poor Az is with my mom at the vet in NY (Long Island). I'm down here working and waiting to close on my new house so I can bring him down here. I wanted to keep the cats in a stable home they knew until the final move, instead of moving them down here to an apartment and then moving them over to a house, so I had them stay with her while I got things settled. They actually would have been down here last month, but the closing is taking sooooo long since the house had to go to probate first.

But this is about Az... not my nifty new house They're supposed to be running some new blood tests soon, so I'm waiting on those results. Mom said when you pick him up he just hangs like a ragdoll... but he was sort of "laying up" (as opposed to sitting up? I think I just made that up.) like laying on his belly with his head raised... ya know like cats do... what the heck do they call that... but that was a first for him since this whole thing started... so ! It's a little thing... but when you're grasping at straws, any little thing helps.
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Glad to hear he is doing better, continuing prayers for his recovery and hugs to you as well. Please continue to keep us posted on his progress.
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Originally Posted by carolcat
Glad to hear he is doing better, continuing prayers for his recovery and hugs to you as well. Please continue to keep us posted on his progress.

and sorry I was confused earlier, I got too excited. Please keep us updated.
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keep fighting little one... you have a world of cat lovers thinking of you and sending their love
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