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Yay for Toby!

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I just got home from introducing my boss to my best friend, her husband, and one of her dogs. My friend is moving to Japan in a few months and can't take all her animals. So they decided Toby, thier basset hound would do best being re-homed. And it just so happens that my boss (who I've known since I was a young teen) was thinking of getting another dog and the dog was supposed to be a basset hound because her husband loves them.

So I just introduced Anna and Toby and they seemed to really like eachother. Plus we can all be relived knowing Toby might go to a really good home. My boss has a farm with goats and horses, plus her other dogs. He'll get all the care they would have given him. I'm just so relieved this went well!

The next step is taking Toby to her house to meet Wenie (yes a hot dog!...what you get when you let a 3 year old name your dog!) and Amber. Keep your fingers crossed for Saturday!
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How wonderful!!!! I have a Basset and they are great!!! That is awesome that they will be able to re-home and know that it will be such a relief that Toby will have such a good home!!

Great match making!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for Saturday!!
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This will work out great! Hoping Toby, Wenie, and Amber really hit it off!
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