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found this thought id pass it along

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they have the greatest cat stuff not for the cat but more for the meowmys. make sure to look at everything, dont want you to miss anything!!!
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Very cute stuff! Love the jewelry!
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Neat stuff!
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I really like the 2 cats and the moon pillbox.

Not that I take enough pills to fill one, but still it's very cute! I'm getting tempted now...
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Aww that stuff is all so cute! And I have yet to look through it all. I have it bookmarked though
Thanks so much for passing it along!! As if my house doesn't already have enough cat stuff lol

And I also see some stuff there that could make for great gifts Ooooh I love that site. I'm kind of- okay, really- tempted too now! I'm thinking I might get one of the stuffy/figurine things for a gift for someone, like a friend....For Valentine's Day. As a friendship thing though. They love cats too

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How cool! Thanks I'm going to bookmark it right now.

I have a keyring exactly the same as that first jewellery item - the compact mirror. I love it!
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