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Have you heard or know of Anne Prill? She rescues German Shepherds in Oregon and I was wondering if you had heard of her.
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Jessica, no, I am not familiar with that name. Most of our Shepherds we have rescued come from animal abuse cases, severe ones.
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I didn't think you did but I thought I'd ask.

The reason her name came up and I had thought of you was because my co-worker Lynn just bought a 3 month old German Shepherd puppy. She wasn't planning on getting him since she has a 5 year old Shepherd who doesn't like other dogs, other than that she's a sweetheart.

Anyhow she went to look at the puppy, Tye, and the breeder had a couple of acres fenced in so her 10 shepherds all ran loose. So in the middle of all the chaos was this little puppy who was scared of his own shadow. He was being herded around by the other dogs and he was alone since his littermates all found homes.

She wasn't about to leave there without him so she bought him and took him home knowing it was a mistake. He's scared of everything. He won't let people pet him, He's petrified of men and other dogs but he's bonded with her like glue. She's just concerned that she's not going to be able to do enough with him to turn him around.

They have puppy classes set up and he'll be going next week. She takes him everywhere she can but the problems is since her other shepherd doesn't like other dogs(she's fine with Tye) she can't bring him places to meet other dogs because she has to take Tera. And if she runs into other dogs with Tye and Tera she's afraid he's going to learn from Tera's reactions to other dogs.

So she was saying that if any progress isn't made in the next month when she heads to Oregon to see her son she's going to take Tye and give him to Anne Prill(who she has been friends with for years). She said that Anne finds awesome homes for them and that she thinks Tye needs a home that can provide him with everything he needs. Shr loves him already but is afraid of the outcome if she can't give him what he needs.

She is experienced with Shepherds and I said that if anyone understands what he needs it's her but I do see what she is saying. I really hope the puppy classes help him out a lot because he's really a sweet dog with a lot of potential.
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I am glad she took the pup. We had one pup here where the owners had kept him in a small dark box with barely enough room to turn around in. Not even enough food and water to keep a bird alive, and the kids would take him out periodically and shoot b-b's at him!

When we got him he was so scared he peed at the sight of his own shadow! We fed him right away when he came here and he slowly took the bowl in his mouth and went to bury it in the back yard because he was afraid he wouldn't get any more! It took a long time to show him he could trust us, a very long time, and a lot of patience. Sadly, because of this early abuse, as he grew stronger and more nourished he became very aggressive and when he was 5 we had to put him down. We were so sad, he was a product of his early enviornment and the people who owned him should of been the ones put down!

Sounds like the pup has fallen in the right hands and that puts a smile on my face. Shepherds are the best!
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Gesh, that's so awfull. I don't understand by anyone would bother getting a dog just to treat him in that way. It's so sad because in the end the dog has to pay the ultimate price for the owner's stupidity.

It seems like there will never be an end to it.
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