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Computer mouse or mice???

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When I got my new computer 6 months ago I ordered with a wireless keyboard and mouse. However I am really going thru the batteries on the mouse. I pop them out when not in use. I can get charger and rechargable batteries or I was thinking of picking up an inexpensive mouse that I can plug into usb port.
Can a computer use two different types of mouses (mice)???? I would use the plug in one when playing games.
Such a simple question that I don't have an answer for!!
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Most USB mice are plug and play. And there shouldn't be a problem unless your wireless has some kind of "dominating" software attached to it and wont let the P&P work. *shrug*
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Gail, you should have no problem interchanging your mice at will, especially with USB. I got a new mouse and was thinking of cordless too, but anything with batteries turns me off big time. I feel like I'm renting the dang thing replacing batteries all the time. Then you also get what I would call... I don't know... "Post Traumatic Battery Stress" where you're always worried about your batteries dying or whether you have adequate replacements available.
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The speed with which I went through batteries on the mouse surprised me, too. I finally decided to record just how long it took before I had to replace them. I only went from December 20 to January 26 on the last set. I never thought about changing from one mouse to another. It seems to me that it would be more bother than replacing batteries.
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