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I am upset!!!

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Earlier today I had to google my name (longer story) Anyhow there has been some new google additions. One was unfamiliar to me so I clicked on the link.
Turns out it some redneck/dumba$$ hunting website that someone had posted about Sheba's shooting back in 2004. Why it never came up before on google I don't know. I was reading some of the postings and someone had made a comment about outside cats as vermin in the non liberal parts of WI and that a wounded cat makes a good bait for coyotes. I was and still am P.O.'d.
And apalled and lots of other emotions. The nerve of this person to do this!!!
Everyone is entitled to their own opionion but this was cruel and mean.
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That is terrible! What scum would use a kitty to lure a coyote! It makes me sad and angry!
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ohno thats simply horrible - I followed your story about Sheba and can imagine how upsetting this is for you - ohmy there are some nasty people in this world!!

to you. Can you request for it to be taken down somehow?
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Those kind of opionions should be exclued as far as I'm concerned, there sicko's
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That is disgusting that someone would write should find out who runs the site so that you can complain and I'm sure that there are many of us who would like to write them a letter as well!
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I think all I can say right now is..... ggrrrrr...............
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I'm sorry this happened to you. People here in WI can be so cruel. If I wee you I would find someway to tell off the person who posted that!

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That's horrible!! I'm so sorry you had to read that! I take it this guy used your name in the post also? How RUDE! You don't put someone's name out on some hick message board without their permission.
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What can I say? Nobody here doesn't share your anger with those kind of people Gail. I wish it wasn't so easy for them to have a voice on the internet.
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Oh Gail - that is just horrible. I'm so sorry that was posted and you had to read it.
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Gail thats just awful for you. Some people weren't gifted with a brain!
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Idiots! Thats so nasty. I don't know the story about Sheba but I think I can gather...
Some people are missing something called compassion so don't worry. What goes around comes around, even for saying something like that.
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Neil said not to think about it so much-it doesn't deserve any attention.
I settled down after a couple of glasses of wine and looking at old photo albums.
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As hard as it is Gail he's right, otherwise it could chew you up so much inside

And their still brainless!!
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The saying goes, what goes around comes around.
So that person will have something crappy coming long for doing that!
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Gail, I am so sorry you had to read that. I know it makes you relive Sheba's horrible fate all over again. I hope your healing restarts soon .
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That's appalling. I can imagine how upset you are.
Take comfort in knowing how many wonderful, caring people there are here on TCS who all empathize with you and who do have compassion.
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What evil people! I dont blame you for being upset!
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Some people are just ignorant, and say crude things for the reaction. Every cat is a beautiful living creature, and whether they live inside, or outside; whether they are beloved or an unknown feral, they deserve to live their lives unharmed by the violence of humans.

I'm sorry you read that awful post. Please wipe it from your mind with your good memories of Sheba!
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Oh, that's horrable! how could anyone say something like that! something simaler happened to me over PM on a board with a now ex-friend (for many reasons). I told him about my aun't cat dieing and the idiot said that she should have given it to *I've forgoten the place* because they eat them...I chewed them out.

Still, you should jut ignore those comments. like fwan said, what go's around, come's around!
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