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So what's everyone having to eat?

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I just love food! At the moment I'm having a baked potato with some butter on top and my peas, so yummy! So what's everyone eating right now or having for dinner tonight??
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I have been craving a big greasy cheese burger fires and a chocolate shake so that is exactly what we are eating tonight! It is going to be so yummy!
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Right now I am having some goldfish crackers that I should not be having, and tonight is smoked turkey and veggies.
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I had Subway for lunch, a roasted chicken breast sandwich with cheese, lettuce and oil. Yum! I'm having a big caesar salad for dinner...along with some beers...hehe. No work tomorrow.
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I took some pork chops out of the freezer then surfed for some different recipes. I will be making one with a sourcream dill sauce!! No munchy food left in house as I have eaten it all!! Might have to chill a bottle of wine.
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I have been eating all day. And I made brownies last night so there is plenty of junk for me to eat at home!!
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All that sounds so yummy! Jason and I decided on pizza tonight...I'm not in the mood for cooking
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Tonight just leftover sloppy joes.
But I have T-bones marinading for tomorrow.
The weather has been beautiful, if cold, so I thought I'd enjoy some grilled steaks tomorrow.
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I'm having the easiest thing I can come up with to eat! Not sure what that is yet....but I'm getting ready to go find out!
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chicken & wild rice soup with buttered toast.
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Potatoes are almost ready, and right now I'm snacking on red grapes!
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Not sure yet - but I'm STARVING and I can't find anything pleasing in the apartment - I might run to McDonalds - a burger and a shake sounds good to me!
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We are having grilled chicken(don't know what kind of flavor, maybe mediteranian or terryaki), home made potatoe chips with a custon seasoning, fire roasted jalapanjo's, grilled peppers & onions, french bread with an oil and vinigar dipping sauce, and to kick it all off my custom stuffed mushrooms.

We eat like this every night. last night was almost the same but we had grilled salmon and a tenderloin steack instead of chicken.
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Wow.....I just had to reply to this threas.......I sit infront of the computer with a little container and a spoon and eat formerly hot chocolate fudge we bought with the ice cream yesterday (the fudge was in the fridge, but its good no matter the temperatue :P )

Do you think I will manage to loose all the weight I plan to loose?
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Just finished dinner. BBQ shredded beef (from one of the little bucket-container things you can buy - cheap, easy dinner) on bread and baked french fries. Not bad, not great, but it is food.
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Everything sounds so good! I had tonight Boca meatless sausages with some Barilla pasta sauce on top, it was very good. Later on I'm going to have a big bowl of Cherrios!
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I'm by no means a vegetarian, but I must admit, Boca has the best tasting meatless products I've tried.
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