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My precious!

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I'm nervous this could be too big I'm still learning....
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She's the CUTEST!!!!!! Meet Mrs. Béla Mew Nemo Fuzzums I
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Dont be nervous. If it is too big (which i think it is but I am not sure) The mod will let you know and take it down!
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Oh my goodness...just look at that face, that sweet tummy.
She is adorable. :
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What a beautiful girl!
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Thank you!! I'm beaming like a new parent or something haha
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We all do that! She is beautiful! I am sure she is just a sweet heart too!
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Hi! No I don't think the picture is too big.
She is such a darling!! Look at that sweet face awww -

I have a cat named Precious too


EDIT: sorry when I posted this I took the title of your thread literally and was thinking her name is Precious oops

So what IS her name then?
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Ahhh she's a doll, I have 3 tuxies, she looks alot like my Zazzy
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yep, it was too big - gone when i got here try resizing it & reposting so the rest of us can see your precious!
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