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Prayers for a nice family

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I don't have all the details, but just heard that a wonderful family who adopted two kittens from us last year is really struggling emotionally and financially. The dad was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer right before Christmas and isn't able to work. He's only in his early 30's and they have two children. We've stayed in touch with them because of some initial behavioral issues with the kittens, which have since been resolved. To their credit, this family has been very committed to the cats - named Cookie and Midnight. They could really use some of those strong TCS vibes and prayers. Thanks!
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I will add Cookie and Midnight's loving Mommy & Daddy to my prayer list.
Thanks for letting us know.
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They are getting prayers and vibes from me as we type!
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Many good vibes and prayers.
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Sending lots of good vibes to the wonderful family
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Thank you for telling us about this special family, Eileen. I will certainly remember them in my prayers!
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Sending my thoughts and prayers out to this very kind family. I hope things get better for them.
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Thanks for the prayers everyone. This family needs all the support they can get right now.

I found out that the dad, Randy, has Burkitt's Lymphoma, which is apparently a very rare form of cancer, at least in the U.S. He's on his second round of chemo and is very sick right now, but his doctors and family haven't lost hope.

Please keep the prayers coming.
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Sending out prayers and vibes to the family.
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Just wanted to let everybody know that Randy is feeling stronger and has been able to leave the hospital to spend time with his family.

Meanwhile, they've also taken in a young pregnant cat that someone dumped in their neighborhood and plan to foster to her until the babies come.

Thanks for all your prayers/vibes for this family. Please keep them coming.
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They sound very special to be able to think of others at a time like this.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
They sound very special to be able to think of others at a time like this.
i agree ,i will be thinking of them in my prayers,
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aww *sending lots of vibes*
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I dont know how I missed this thread but they are definitely in my thoughts!
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I'll definitely keep them in my prayers.
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Just wanted to give everybody an update on this family. Randy has responded well to treatment and his doctors believe he's going to beat the cancer! He's been able to return to work and is even going to be working on developing a website for us.

Meanwhile, the young cat they were fostering had her babies - 3 tabbies and a tuxedo, who are now 9 weeks old. The family has decided to keep the mama cat and three of the babies already have homes.

Thanks for your prayers and vibes. They really helped this family get through a difficult time!
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ive just read this thread and im glad to hear that Randy is better and would like to send some (((vibes))) and prayers for this special family
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That's wonderful news, Eileen. This special family will be in my thoughts.
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