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Spike has crossed the rainbow bridge

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It is with a very sad heart that I write this. I took my 10 month old cat,spike back to the vet on tuesday,as when I woke up that morning,he was laying under my roomates bed. He picked him up and he was just limp in his arms,meowing. We took him back to the vet,and The vet said that he had no redblood cells in him,he tried to drawblood,but couldn't get enough out of him. After some calling around,he was able to find a donor cat,and He did a blood transfusion on him,around 7pm. He wanted to keep him at the vets for observation over night. He told me he checked in on him around 11pm,and he was still alive,but By morning,our beloved Spikey had passed
My best freind/roommate and I are in shock. We feel helpless and wished we could have seen that our spike was in trouble before we realized it. Without doing the blood test,the vet thinks he either had FIDS,his feline lukemeia test came back negative.Or that he contracted samonila from eating almost a whole pound of raw hamburger that we misstakingly left out in the sink to thaw just over a month ago. We probably will never know for shure what caused his permature passing. the saddest part is he had NEVER even had a cold before this,since he was born in our house (we have the mother,father,and his brother and sister yet,along with my 4 yr old spoiled beloved tuxi) It gives me some comfort of mind as I write this,that Spike knew he was loved by us,and his feline family. My roommate and I spent as much quality time as we could with him during the past week and a half he was with us,and He knew that we cared deeply for him. Now he is buried in our yard with across that says Spike WE LOVE YOU ,facing our door,so when ever we open it we will see it and remember him. I know he has crossed the rainbow bridge,and for some reason the good lord decided it was his time to go.
Spike was either the 2nd or 3rd kitten his mom,Misty sue, gave birth too,but he was the first one to eat kitten food,and the first to be litter trained. He always liked watching TV,(on monday night,the last night he was home,Iwatched my CAT SITTER DVD with him-that seems SO PRECIOUS NOW! he loved hamburger (maybe his downfall )
He also took to my tuxedo cat Prince,and loved to hang out with him,watching out the window. Spike was always greeting any one who came to our house,and most of our friends,thought he was the neatest kitten out of Misty's litter.
born :April 4,2005
Crossed the rainbow bridge:February 8,2006
Your owners
And his feline family
Mother Misty Sue
Daddy SmokeyJoe
His brother,Sidney,His sister Shadow Sue
and his"very Special feline freind" Prince
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My thoughts are with you during this very, very difficult time. In honor of your beloved Spike, I will move this post to Crossing The Bridge.

My heart is with yours,

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I'm so terribly sorry. It sounds like Spike was loved very much and he will live in your heart forever. Rest in peace precious Spike until your loved ones are with you again.
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I am so sorry to here that sad news. He is in a happy place now so take comfort in that.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Spike sounds like such a sweet boy. RIP little guy.
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I'm so sorry about Spike. I know how bad you must feel.

Rest in peace, Spike, until you see your family again.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss of Spike. He was just a baby as well

He'll be well over the bridge now playing with the other kitties, but you'll be the first one he runs to when you both meet up again one day

RIP Spike sweetie, and have fun
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fly high little one

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How sad to lose a little baby! My cat Festus' sister Mattie died when she was still just a kitten (FIP). They were born in my house to a kitty I found pregnant. It is so precious to watch the babies grow, but then so sad to lose one! Condolences on the loss of Spike. Maybe he will find Mattie, over the Rainbow Bridge. She can show him all the sunny spots to rest in.

Rest in peace, Spike!
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Condolences to you & your entire family on the loss of a very special little guy who was too young to leave you all. Please take comfort in the fact that you & your vet did the best that you could - guess that God really needed a very special kitty-angel in Heaven. Susan
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I'm so sorry to hear about your Spike.... Sending Pm your way
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