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Needy Kitty

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Hi everyone! My first post. I have a 3 1/2 year old female cat who is extremely needy. She loves to lay on my lap and is always wanting to be petted or played with. Especially, when I come home from work. She sleeps with me every night and will mew constantly when I'm not paying attention to her. I LOVE her and would love another cat.

What do you think will happen when I bring a new kitty home? Should I get a adult or kitten? Boy or Girl??

Thanks, Let me know!
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I think you first kitty would love it. They could be cuddle buddies. Either a boy or a girl would be fine. I am actually thinking about getting a second cat (for the second time) because my girl Phenom is needy aswell. needs to be playing at 12 midnight! LOL
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That gives me hope! I think I was most concerned because when I brought my kitty home to my parents house there was a lot of hissing and growling between my cat and my parent's cat. Both are girls. Do you think it was just a territorial thing? I just hope she wouldn't react that way to the new one.
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I think it might have been territorial. Do a search on introducing new cats. There are a lot of threads on that with a lot of great advice!
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Ok good thinking!
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Our 4 yr old cat Louie is extremely "needy" as well- which is endearing, but also makes us feel badly since we both work full time-he's not only very affectionate, but also VERY high energy. (we were sleep-deprived for a while before we realized that sometimes we had to close the door to our bedroom when he was really wound up

so we are also in the process of looking for another cat to add more furry love to our home! many people have said that it might be a very good thing for Louie and us...

We've never had 2 cats at once, but are looking forward to the adventure.
As far as introducing there are tons of sites with info (I've started the research too) but they all stress the same thing- time and patience. It's important to go slowly- starting with separating the cats, with the new cat in a separate room- so they can first just get used to each other's scent. I think the time frame is different depending on their overall reactions to each other through the door...but most people recommend keeping them separate for at least 2 days- even if they seem anxious to meet

we should keep each other updated on this adventure...best of luck!
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Thanks I'll be researching the day away...since work is slow I have plenty of time to surf! *these are the days I love my job* haha
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I think another cat is a good idea-I think it keeps them amused when we humans are at work. We had two cats always up until December when Indy was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour. Now my formerly quiet, undemanding Neko has become an attention hog, she wants to be rubbed and snuggled 25 hours a day. I can't go to the bathroom without her howling at the door. She used to sleep on her own in out of the way places, the corners, behind the couch etc-now she wants to be in bed with me as soon as I go. She is 10 yrs old and never acted like this before, but she has never been an only cat either-there has always been at least one and occasionally up to 3 others. I'd get another cat but we are seriously considering a cross-country move in the next year and it would be hard to handle two of them, especially if one was just new to the house and then we pick up and move again.
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