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When to give meds??

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Hi, Tuffy is on zithromax again, my question is will it cause problems to wake him up and give him his meds or should he be awake for a while first? I try to give it to him while he is eating to cut down on the diarea but allot of times he sleeps most of the day and is up real early in the mornings so its hard for me to catch him awake some days. He is also fighting me giving him the meds allot more this time around compaired to last time. He gets down right nasty when he sees that little siringe [sp?] in my hand. I am just going on my system, I know I can't eat or take meds right after i wake up, it takes a while for everything to get working again.
I don't want to make it any harder on Tuffy with this med stuff again than it has to be.

The zithromax is in liquid form.
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I have to admit that I've always preferred to give medications when the pets are half asleep, because they usually put up less resistance.
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Tricia makes a good point there! You're correct, though, that Zithromax is best given with food to prevent tummy upset. Is it possible you wake Tuffy for his medicine and then give him a special treat?
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I have never had Tuffy react to meds like he has this time. He gets this look in his eyes like what are you giving me this junk for again, I feel fine!!!!

The last time on this med he didn't like it much but he seemed to know I was trying to make him better so he didn't fight to much taking it. this time I almost have to hog tie him to get it in him.
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