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i, too, amsorry to see you go...i can only reiterate what others have already said. i'm hoping to see you here sometime in the future
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I honestly think she will peek around once every so often to see how the site is going!
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Dear Hissy (Mary Anne)

I too want to add my best wishes to you and yours for the future away from here at TCS. You were one of the first people to welcome me here when I joined last year and have always been there for me and everyone else whenever we needed you.
Don't be a stranger - drop in some time to chat and say hi to all your friends here - you will be sadly missed

Best wishes to you and your family - human and furred
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MA< you have been such a help to me and have given me SO MUCH useful info over the past several months. I couldn't have done what I did for Lola without your help, period, even if we weren't able to save her. I'm sad to see you go, but thank you for all of your amazing advice.
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Wow. I'm in shock! I can't imagine TCS without you MA, but the reasons for your leaving must be good ones. I hope that they are happy reasons...to take on new challenges and new endeavors.

I found TCS when I was searching for information on how to take care of feral kittens, my first ones. Mary Anne, it was your advice that I found most valuable. I count it as one of the major reasons that those kittens, and all the ones I've had since then, are happy, confident cats, thriving in their new homes! Your success with ferals gave me the courage to take on the challenge of trapping and socializing cats/kittens in need. I don't know that I would have taken this on had I not found TCS in general, and the feral forum in particular. Since that day, I have fostered 20 cats/kittens...most of whom would still be out there, struggling to survive, or worse. Along with my thanks and good wishes, I thank you from all of them as well.

I hope you, at the very least, lurk here for a bit to receive the thanks and praise you deserve. Your presence here will be greatly missed. Not only for your expertise, but also for your humor and insight.

"Thank you" seems insufficient.
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I'm joining thoes having a hard time finding the words, but I would like to add my thanks for all the wisdom you have passed on to us here at TCS. God Bless you wherever life takes you from here.
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MA, I'm sorry to see you go. Your presence will be greatly missed here. Thank you for everything you have done to help make and keep TCS the best site out there. And thank you for all of your advice; you've helped not only me but countless others here with your vast knowlege. I wish you luck and happiness in whatever your future holds. THANK YOU MARY ANNE!!
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Mary Anne, you know the immense respect and admiration I feel for you. This was a very difficult decision for you to make, and has taken so much courage. You are already very sorely missed by this community of which you have become the heart. Thank you so much for all you've done and continue to do for the precious kitties of the world! I will forever be grateful that this site was the launching point for a relationship I will continue to cherish.
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MA -

I am so very shocked to hear about this - I have to agree with a few of the other posts on here - whenever I saw a thread that you had written on - I read it immediately - knowing I would learn something from it!

I have only been here a few months - but I am very sad to hear that you will be leaving - I wish you only the best of luck and hope to see you around here sometime again!
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I can't believe you're not going to be here! YIKES! TCS won't be the same!
I know you have your reasons and you will be missed around here. I agree with the majority, I look for your name on posts and read them first as I know they will contain a wealth of information on things I might need to know about.
Good luck in all the things you do in your life now and always MA, you will be sorely missed!
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I don't know what to say, I just...I have no words. Only tears at this point.

This is such a shock to me. I look for your posts every time I log onto TCS, because of your vast knowledge, your compassion, and your wholehearted dedication to the furry four-legged creatures of this world, so many of whom have found love and a happy life with you. I couldn't begin to think how many lives you have saved or just made better.

I will miss you a very great deal. I am so sorry that you are leaving.

All the best, take care and God bless you. This place is just not going to be the same without you.

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I haven't been on TCS long, but I've been on long enough to know that I am going to miss you. I'm a people person; I like almost everyone. You, though—you I admire. I wish you as much future happiness as one person can wish another, Mary Anne.
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I dont do good byes... So this will be a good luck and I wish you the best in what your doing...
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Thank you so much for all that you have done, and your willingness to share your knowledge with others. To everyone you ARE what TCS is all about and stands for!!! As you close the chapter of this part of your life, you will be able to look back on those of us who thought so much of you. I wish you the best in the future chapters of your life.

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Mary Anne,

The only thing I can say is that you will be missed. You kept us informed during all of the technical problems; putting in a lot of effort. Your wisdom about cats is so awesome. I read so many questions in the forums and knew you would have the most practical, humane advice. I often thought that if I was reincarnated, I would want to be a cat at your place.

Good luck.

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And I'm sure going to miss those stories about your crazy China!
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Mary Anne,
Your wisdom and kindness here will be cherished as memories for a long time to come. The love and care that you provide to the feline world has made such a huge impression on me, words just cannot suffice.
Please know you will be sorely missed.
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I have learned a lot from you, both personally and professionally, and it has been a joy working with you. I will always be indebted to you for rehoming Velcro for me, and for your kindnesses to me.

I wish you all the best,
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I haven't been a member very long. But I must say that reading your kind and very knowlegable posts was the main reason I decided to join and stay here.It won't ever be the same without you here. I wish you and your family well.I do hope that you come back and visit us. Good luck and take care of yourself.
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Hi Guys~

EGADS! I am simply blown away from the sentiments posted here. My eyes are a bit blurry at the moment and my thoughts not exactly together, but you give me to much credit here.

The credit belongs to those of you who listened. Anyone can give advice on these forums, but that does not mean that those who read it, will apply it to their lives. My hats (and I wore many here) are off to those of you who listened, and applied what you read in order to make the situation better. That is where the credit should go.

I am, quite simply tired. It's a good tired though, but my energies are now needed elsewhere. Since leaving, I have had opportunities open up for me that are exciting to consider. If I stayed here, I would not be able to challenge myself in these new areas. Also, my book would never get finished!

I understand that some of you are shocked, stunned, in disbelief and are speculating what happened. Nothing happened, it is just time to move on.
I will take so much of all of you with me, fodder for a book perhaps? Stories for another time, articles to spin around what I have learned from you-

The reality of living with cats, is that, this is what you do. You live with them. You get down to their level several times a day, watch what they are doing. If you have a multi-cat household, you watch their interactions, watch the dynamics and learn from them. You listen to them, with your heart and your ears opened, and if you think something is wrong, there probably is something wrong. To hesitate when it comes to their care, to take the time to post on the forums, is sometimes to lose much in the end that could be prevented.

Those of you who are special to me, know that you are. You also know how difficult this decision was for me to make, and you also know that once I made it, my life opened up in remarkable ways.

Perhaps one day when you pick up a copy of a major cat magazine, you will see my name under an article. Then you can say to yourself- "I know her!"

Thank you all of you. I wanted to sneak out the back door with no one noticing, but I guess that didn't work did it? Ryan said it well, I do not like goodbyes.

I am really a quiet, sensitive soul....no really LOL

I can see many of you going to yourself "YA RIGHT!"

I took a leadership role here when asked to, and I took it as far as I could. I will always be grateful for Anne, for believing in me, for Deb and Ryan for working alongside of me, and also grateful to the crackerjack Mod Team, of which I was honored to be a part of.

I do thank all of you for this touching tribute. I most of all am touched by those of you who shared with me that the advice you read and followed led you down paths to help animals and made you aware of the great need out there for rescue-

Be good to yourself and to your cats- and behave on here, or I may have to come back and kick you into shape!

I thank you all, you are the glue that holds this community together. It is your love of your cats, your passion for life and your loyalty to these forums that have brought this website to the point it is at now.

God Bless You All and with tears in my heart, I do now leave all of you-

I love you all-

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Oh MA I have to have the chance to Thank You for all your wonderful help when I started trapping my clan, without you and of course this site I know I could not have completed what I started, so from my Heart and from my Sweet darling rescued babies, Dunkin, Miniman, Sissy, Ziggy, Zazzy and Zinger and the other 10 I rescued. Thank You so very much and we wish you lots of sucess
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You know that we'll still be talking. That's the beauty of the internet. All relationships are long distance anyway.

Also, I have decided to have the convention at YOUR house!
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I've said my farewells to you in private, but I wanted to add that I am one of those who always learned something new from your posts. Whether it was about cat care or just "shouting over the fence" in PM's, you were always the voice of reason.

Since I am also one of those who doesn't do goodbyes ... be well and be happy, Mary Anne.


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As many have said, you will be missed!
I wish you the best of luck in whatever endeavours you undertake, cat-related or not. It's been a pleasure to (sort of) know you!
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
May sound ridiculous, but same here
Though I didn't really know you MA
You touched the lives of so many kittens, cats and people! I think you should definitely write a book if you have time. I really think you can. That would be so great, and it would help so many people.

Will you ever check in though Mary Anne?
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I am sorry that I am late in seeing this. I was hoping that somehow I would come onto the site and not see this post. It must have been extremely difficult for you to make this decision. As you said, with change, new doors are opened. I hope you find many wonderful things in your future and thank you for all that you have done.
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Mary Anne, I'm so glad that new exciting things and challenges are opening up in your life - how wonderful!!! As most people, I am resistant to change, and am sad (selfishly) that you are leaving. But I do need to thank you for all that you have done - from the moment my taken-in stray had kittens, through all my questions on rearing 8 kittens, through Smudge's illness and death, and on after that. Also, know I am using you and your hubby as models when I get my hubby to build a cool cat enclosure in OUR backyard! Best, best, best of luck, and THANKS!!!!!
Love, Kim.
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Hissy, I haven't been a member that long; however, I am also a bit shocked and I'm still going to miss your informative and caring posts on the board.
Good luck with your projects (present and future) and I truly wish only the best for you.
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I've just now read through this post. I am shocked as well, but do understand it's your time to move on. You will be very missed MA.
Sending nothing but good thoughts and a big thank you for all that you have done for us here at TCS...it just won't be the same without you.

Good Luck!!!
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