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Final post on How I Became a Cat Lover

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The last (and shortest) part of my “introduction.â€

After Morris was put to sleep I wrestled with the dilemma of “should I wait awhile to adopt another cat, or should I adopt now?†I actually thought I would wait at least a month, but I began checking out adoption sites online half-heartedly. Finally I went to the SPCA site – the same place I had taken (and received) TV and adopted Morris and Kali.

As I scrolled through the list of pets up for adoption I stopped and caught my breath as I saw a cat named Kali – another calico. I thought perhaps this was meant to be, but in case I was acting on impulse or grief I waited a few days then printed out the information on Kali and went to the shelter, telling the front desk employee “I’m here to adopt Kali!†The employee said she thought Kali had already been adopted but to please go to the cat area as there were lots of great cats. My heart sank a bit but if Kali had been adopted then I figured she wasn’t meant for me.

I entered the cat side of the SPCA and approached the volunteer, showed him the print-out with Kali’s info and was informed again that she had already been adopted. I had printed out the info on several other cats of interest and brought them with me so decided to see if they were still there. I began to walk through the cages and the first cat I saw was…you guessed it – Kali!!! She was meant for me!

I have had Kali now for 5 months and she has brought such joy back into my life. My family refers to her as “Kali II.†She is a mixture of Morris and Kali I – long and lean like Morris; another “talker†– even more so than Morris and, of course a calico.

Oh, by the way – she is one of the animals rescued from Hurricane Katrina!!

Kali II - A "Katrina Cat"
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Thank for all three of your threads, and especially for the happy ending. Kali II lookes adorable and very happy. You are truly a great cat lover!
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Oooh Kali II is lovely! How lucky she is to have you as a Mum. All 3 of your posts have had me hooked! You truly are a cat lover! See you on the other forums
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