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Anyone do Yoga?

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I have been seriously thinking about beginning Yoga. There is a Yoga 101 place about 3 minutes from my office, I drive by it every day and I think that's where the idea came from... I have never been a member of a gym or any type of organized fitness program. I feel a little nervous about attending a class so I was thinking that I could maybe start out doing Yoga at home with a Dvd and a yoga mat. Would that be as effective? If so, any recommendations of a specific Dvd that would be good for a beginner?

If I do decide to sign up for a class, any idea on how long they usually last? Is it something I could do on my lunch break?
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I have never done yoga but i have done pilates and i think they are similar. Yoga is stretches and stuff. I think they should offer shorter classes and longer classes. If you think you would do it every class session go for it! its so good for you!!
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Yoga is great! I'd say go to the classes first as there's nothing like having a person there to tell you if you're doing it right. Bit of a learning curve with getting the breathing right, but it's really not hard.
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Yoga is great! Having done yoga in a class and with a tape, I would start with a class. It's easier with someone there to help you with your form and adjust you into the right postures.

I'd suggest checking out the studio and seeing if you like the people who will be teaching. The yoga instructors I've had have mostly been very nice. In the class I took there were variations on the poses for those of us who weren't as flexible as others. We were told to work into the postures at our own pace and I found that over time I became MUCH more flexible, and it helped me with serenity and somewhat with balance.

Linda C.
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I used to practise Ashtanga Yoga and before that I tried the dvds but I think that you're better off with a teacher because she will correct your posture etc so that you get the maximum benefit from it, whereas at home you may be doing certain things wrong and you won't know, so it could be ineffective.
Good luck with it though don't be nervous about starting, the people in the class all started at the beginning too. You'll be amazed at how quickly you progress.
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Thank you all for the info
I think I am going to call this afternoon and get some information about signing up for classes. Good point about having someone to correct me in class.... I think after a couple of classes I will get over my being nervous.
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If you sign up for a class, be careful to go at your own pace, as Linda mentioned - it's easy to overdo it and try to force yourself into a pose if you see other people doing things that are more difficult (and making it look easy, argh), but it's very important to respect your body and not force things. It's a good idea to ask if you can observe a class before you sign up, so you can get a feel for the instructor/class and can tell if you'll be comfortable there.

If you have any physical limitations (even old injuries that don't currently bother you but might be set off by certain poses), take time to discuss them with the teacher so she or he can suggest modifications or will know to tell you to avoid certain poses.

If you're interested in a home yoga program, I've found Gaiam's Yoga Journal videos to be very good - In particular, the beginner's yoga video is truly yoga for beginners, unlike other tapes I'd bought where the instructor immediately begins performing amazing feats and leaving me waaaaaayyyyyy behind. The instructors in the Yoga Journal videos explain the poses in very helpful ways. Yoga Journal also has a nice web site too.

If Dori is a lap cat, you'll probably need to put her up while you do yoga at home. For some reason, my cats are magnetically attracted to sit/climb on me whenever I try to do yoga.
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I have done yoga for years at home, using tapes. I've always been more comfortable doing it at home, because, as tuxedokitties pointed out, I'm able to go at my own pace and I don't feel anyone is "judging" me. Plus we don't have a lot of money, so it's a lot more cost effective. Hopefully I am doing all the poses correctly!

I have definately found yoga to be a very rewardng experience, and I hope you do too!
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I've done yoga at home using dvds or programs recorded from FitTV. I think it's really relaxing. I would take a class, but I don't have the time for it.
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