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Nice things people do.

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What is the one thing people have done for you that was very touching? Here is a very memorable moment.

About two years ago, when I was working at a teleservices company, I belonged to a section called the Spanish group. the supervisor was really great with us. Everyone in this section liked and respected me. It felt really good going to work with people who are really cared about the co-workers. Well on my birthday, the whole group decided to throw me a birthday party! Nobody told me anything. So, I arrived to work and found flowers sitting on my cubicle. And cards. Then, in the middle of the shift, people came and gave me balloons, cards, and even presents. Then they gave me a big birthday cake. For a present the whole company gave me a couple of outfits that I still wear today. It was so touching that I was in tears!
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I remember when my boyfriend and I celebrated our year and a half anniversary of being together....he had a key to my place, and while I was still at work, he set up his surprise! He got all dressed up in a suit(cause I was always bugging to see him dressed up!)He looked sooo good!!! And he had champagne chilling in a bucket of ice, he had ordered my favorite: chineses take-out. And he had lit a few candles around the house! When I arrived home, the lights were out, and only the candles lit my way around! He was nowhere in sight, and I saw the champagne by the fireplace...then he came up from downstairs all dresses up and looking fine!! Man, he really outdid himself. And he said not to expect anything this romantic again until the day he proposes to me!! It's my most cherished memory.
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I remember when I worked for Donnelley and I had put in my resignation because I was leaving the state to marry Mike. The company threw me this huge surprise farewell party! All the sales reps from all over were there, as well as everyone from the main office to branch offices it was at the big convention center. They had even hired in Wiley Coyote who was the mascot of the company at the time. I just thought I was being pulled in for a meeting. I got all types of gifts, a watch and a plaque of appreciation. It was really nice and quite a surprise.!
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Last September hubby and I flew down to DC for his dad's birthday party that his step-mother had planned. Anyways we had such a good time the three days that we were there. The party was on Saturday then his step-mom told us that we were all going to brunch on Sunday at a really nice country club. Well, we got there and they had reserved a whole room just for us and they hired a singer and it turns out that this was a surprise wedding brunch for hubby and I. We had gotten married in July, but we got married in court, so we didn't have a fancy wedding or anything and they were in Japan when we got married, so they couldn't come. All of hubby's relatives were there and some family friends (there was like 40 people) and we got presents from alot of people and they even has a 2 tier mini wedding cake made for us! I couldn't believe it! The food was awesome and I couldn't believe that they had done this for us. (Hubby isn't really close with his dad, so this was a shock to us.) This is one special time that I won't ever forget.
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