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Silly Names or Human Names?

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So, my husband and I are in the process of maybe, possibly, sometime in the next few months, maybe, maybe BIG maybe, getting a dog.

We've been looking at breeds and talking about names, and we realized there are two ways to go when naming a pet.

1) Give them a human name that seems to suit them, or just a name you like-- which is what we did with our cats Oliver and Emma.

2) Give them a silly, non-human name that suits their personality or appearance somehow. I, for one, feel that I'd really love to have a dog named Chesterton P. Wigglesworth. Hubby isn't into it

What do you think? Human names or silly names?
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Depends on the critter. Mostly I prefer human names, but I try to let the critter tell me...
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I like real names because their like children to me Apart from when i call them "wobble bum" etc...
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I do not like to give my pets human names. They never seem to fit. Also, almost all our critters have had a two syllable name. Lets see if I can think of all the cat names we've ever had.....

Simba, Nuby, Boomer, Lucky, Luna, Blue, Smokey, Angel, Baby, and Roxy.

But it is different with dogs...they all seem to have human names.

Molly, Dylan, Jerry, and our all time best dog ever, Chelsea. So I guess it depends on the pet.
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I think it depends on the pet, the way they look and their character. Bobby was named after a soccer player and Bumble, well, the name just suited him.
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I agree, I think it depends on the kitty.
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I tend to avoid human names, but dob't see anything wrong with them . It is weird when you meet a dog with the same name as a friend.
BTW, love the name Chesterton P Wigglesworth!
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I tend to prefer human names for my own, but think it's really cute when people come up with creative names for their cats based on their looks, personality, etc...
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It all depends on the animal. Some pets look like a human name. Some just look like their made up name.
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mine have/have had both at times - Java is Java Susan, & Cable's 2nd name is now Elizabeth - don't know why, just seemed to suit her! Pixel has & Mouse had silly 2nd names - Pixel is Pixel Pattern [altho i usually call her Pixel pie] & Mouse was 'Mousie-Pousie'. i think it depends on the cat & his/her human.
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I don't like pets having human names just because it could be offensive to people w/that name. Also then people ask if you named it after someone. Like I had a dog named Brandon, got him when I was 5 or something. i got a bf named brandon when I was around 16. Everyone was like "oh you named your dog after bf" and I'm like "stop saying that!! NO!!" Even now that we haven't been together since hs and the dog has been dead since I was 18 or so, when his pictures are shown people say "Oh what's his name?" and I say "brandon" and they say "like your highschool bf?" and i say "SHUT UP."
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I like literary names. My cat Thisbe is named after a character in Greek mythology. Cushie is named after a character in John Irving's "The World According to Garp." And Marnie is named after the title character in Hitchcock's classic film.

If I had children, I doubt I would name them as whimsically as I do cats ... LOL ... but heck, most of the time I'm calling them Boodle Bunny and Snookums and crap like that. I'm not sure they even know their names! haha
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I dont actually call Teufel, Teufel at home, he is actually named Gatto..
My cousin pissed her self laughing when i told her his name was Gatto because its just like in english calling your Cat... CAT!!!!
Kaylee has a human name! But it suits her atleast i think so anyway!
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I think it really depends on the cat, but I do prefer human names.

Currently I have Sophie, Bridget, Benja, Elmo and Lonestar.

I think it would be weird if Sophie was called "Fluffy" or something but then again it would be weird if Lonestar was called "Willis"
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I think it depends on the animal. You need to look at their character and choose what fits. My hubby's brother is real original in naming their dog. His name is Dogga

Here is how my crew got their names.....

Bonnie..... got her name along with her brother (Clyde, who is over RB) We wanted matching names.

Buddy ..... Because he is our little buddy. Very friendly

Sissy ..... Buddy's sister. She is a girly girl.

Scamper ..... Sissy and Buddy's kitten. When he first started the run around, he scampered around.

Stinker ..... Sissy and Buddy's kitten. Hubby started calling her that as a very young kitten and it stuck.

Princess ..... Sissy and Buddy's kitten. She has always been dainty. I called her Princess from the start.
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I voted for "human" names, but I don't necessarily think that everyone "should" name them that way. I just prefer it for myself, I don't mind if someone else has a cat named Fluffy or a dog named Rex.

I do like slightly offbeat human names. My favourite is a neighbour who named her cat Daphne. That just makes me smile when I hear it.

Our childhood pet was a dachschund named Chipper. It suited her perfectly, she was a smart, lively, perky dog. I asked my dad, just a week ago, how they ever came up with that name, and he can't remember. He thinks that mom thought it up.
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I think it depends on what fits the cat. I have both for my crew.
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I think it depends. In my crew, Milla is the only one with a human name and we didn't name her (she's a rescue). All the others have nature names: Usva (Mist), Tilli (Dill) and Timotei (Timothy hay). We wanted to name Milla Ruska (Autumn colors), but the foster family's daughter named her first.
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It depends on the pet!
They tend to name themselves after you've had them for awhile.
Let your inspiration come from them

Human names I think usually fit with more calm, sweet pets. And some pets are just too energetic and odd to have any other kind of name than something that describes them or something silly.

Oh and PLEASE tell us once you decide whether or not you're getting a dog!
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My dogs have human names (Tasha and Abby), none of my cats did or do. They range from Mooch and Noodles of course, to Bunny, Tinsel, Glory, Tiger, and Pumpkin. Oh I take that back. Olivia Elizabeth is a cat, but she was my aunt's so we didn't get to name her. I'd have called her Puss!
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Definitely depends on who you're naming!
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I've personally never cared much for human names for pets, but....
I am of the firm belief that we do not name pets, we give them a few days and they'll tell us what their names are.

For instance Spaz.
3 days after I brought her home she let me know her name, but only after I caught her communing with her invisible friends, purposely sliding across the vinyl floors and crashing into things, and leaping straight into the air and doing backflips....all for no apparent reason.

Shadow told Jeremy his name pretty fast, kept following him all over the house, shadowing him.
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I think it definately depends on the pet - I don't call Harley by his name all the time - most of the time its Pumpkin Butt or Button
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I prefer cute names rather than human type names.
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I do think it depends on the animal. One of my cats is named after a person (Trent) and one a literary figure (Ophelia). I've had dogs in my life with a dog-name (Dutchess, but I guess she was kinda named after a persona-type name - her full name was Dutchess Willimena von Volk), and one named after a character on a soap opera (Felicia).

But you know, considering some of the names people come up with for their kids - anything could be a human name any more! LOL
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I agree with pretty much everyone else. It depends.

I mean, Title is the perfect name for my little kitty. I had a litterbox trained rabbit named Jezebel, birds named Peanut Butter and Stickface.. and then my family's dog Sasha and their cat Manny (after Manny Ramirez.. whose last name I cannot spell). We also had a bull mastiff named Princess and a Boxer named Ziggy. You just need to know the pet to name it.

Oh, and my cat totally knows her name. Even when it's said in common conversation she perks up and comes over. Manny, however, answers when he wants to.
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I always said if I have pet fish, I'd call them Johnathan and Tony I'd also call a male dog either name too I have no idea why
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Originally Posted by Shem
I always said if I have pet fish, I'd call them Johnathan and Tony I'd also call a male dog either name too I have no idea why
What are you like?!!
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I generally prefer names that don't belong to humans...it's a little more unique. My cats have non-human names: Sunday, Sashka, Cairo, Princess etc. However my dogs have human names, and we never thought about anything else for them, for some reason. Their names, Ruby and Chester came within the first five minutes of having them, and they suit them perfectly!

When I had siamese fighting fish I used to name them all after Shakespeare characters...because they are resplendent fish and it really suited them. I named my first two Rosencrantz and Gildenstern - because I knew eventually, as fish do, they would die and then I'd be able to say `Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are dead'!!!
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Bella and Rowan would be fine names for people.

Bella's name just came to me after a while. She didn't come from the shelter with a name, because their records weren't good enough to know which kitten came with which name. One of them was named Spindles, but I thought that was a really dumb name, and since she has stumpy little legs now, I'm glad I didn't just go with that. She's one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen (the first spotted tabby, and the only cat I've seen in person with the little wing markings by her eyes), so Bella is certainly beautiful.

For the longest time, I didn't know if Rowan was a boy or a girl, because I was planning on giving him away. No one ever called about the signs I put up, though, so he became part of the family. I looked for a name in Italian so he'd match Bella, but nothing seemed to fit. I finally just looked through some Celtic/Irish names and Rowan fit. He would have been named Raelin if he'd been a girl.

My first cat was named Meow by my (then) two year old brother. We also had Chirp the budgee, Slick the snake, and Beethoven the beta. And my parents have Loki, another cat, but he was named at the shelter, and since the folks are so Christian, my kiddo brother and I thought that it was delightfully rebellious of us to keep his name.
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