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So sad the dissolving of acmepet

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It was the first catsite I landed on and I learned so much there and shared so much. Made friends, met some of the posters in real life and then because of life, I moved on to other places on the Internet. But now, with very little warning, Petsmart is pulling the plug on all their animal boards and people are scrambling trying to figure out where to go now. Wherever they end up, it will never be the same as the old Acme Magic that existed there. Lately, there have been troublemakers coming on the board and spamming messages and spewing hate. No one really knows why the boards are being pulled, perhaps because of the merger? Who knows. It just makes me sad to go over there now and read how everyone is reacting and how they are trying to find one single place to land. I wonder, if it were this site being pulled (heaven forbid) how many of us would stay in touch, and how different it would be to have to go somewhere because your home was uprooted. I hope this board stays strong like it is and that Anne never has to make the decision that the corporate heads have made about Acmepet. It is sad to see some of my friends there and know I have to say goodbye.
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That is sad! Heaven forbid this site will ever go down!!! I don't even want to think of it. I think I'd be lost!
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Oh gosh Hissy. Now you got me thinking that I need to get everyone's e-mail address just in case the unmentionable would happen.
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Oh my gosh! Thats horrible. Its always hard to loose alot of good friends. Hopefully nothing like that will ever happen to TCS.
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Did you invite any of your friends to join us over here? We'd be glad to have them, any friend of yours and all that . . .
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There was a list of a bunch of boards posted over there late last night. TCS was in the list and I guess they wanted a vote and went with the most voted one. There were probably 10 boards on the list.
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In what the Acme Magic was I was referring to, and old member of CW just put this together for memories sake. You might want to go and see what happens in other cat neighborhoods, before it vanishes.

Acme Magic
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