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Pikachu is home

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Just to let you all know that we caught her yesterday, and took her to the vet. The bloodwork all came back negative, but she was soo stressed that the vet had to give her full anaesthetic (sp) to take blood.

We had a very stressful night, she came out of the sleep at about 11pm and found herself in a little room, she really stressed badly, yeowlling, and when I came in for the first time she was hissing and spitting at me. I stayed there for a while with her, and she finally had the courage to smell my hand, which finally lead her to erupt into a massive purr I was so stressed that I just packed up crying

Then we had another problem, as long as I was in there with her she would sleep and purr, but everytime I tried to go to bed she would cry. Needless to say, nobody got much sleep. I got home today and the little madam had relaxed and had a nice sleep and was feeling much better, she played with me and is sitting quietly in her room now. Tonight she is sleeping with us and my other two cats can go smell "her" room.

Last night she peed twice on the floor, but I think it was the disorientating, as she has done all her business neatly in the litterbox today. She is a real sweety

We are going to rename her something more suitable to her personality. i'll keep ya posted
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Munchie - I hope that everyone gets a better night's sleep tonight! Maybe try a radio in her room on a soft classical station?
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Oh - poor little girl! Everything is new and scary - I'm sure she was ecstatic to recognize someone she knew and someone she knows loves her. She sounds like a doll. I'm sure you will never regret bringing her home.

How are your other two cats doing so far with her in the house?
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Well, the other two seem oblivious that there is another cat in the house even though they were banned from the bedroom last night. They arn't even sniffing under the doors. They just give me the full inspection.

She slept on the bed last night and everything was peachy until 4am, she woke up and started to meow again. It's a strange meow, like a call, and she would go to my bedroom and bathroom mirror to try to get to "the cat" in the mirror, she was also sitting by the window quite upset, nothing would console her. This ended just before we went to work at 7am. I really think she misses her cat friends,and I really hope my two will be her new playmates. It's quite upsetting to see her like that. Can anyone who has adopted a stray/feral later in it's life(she is about 6 months) give me an indication of it's behaviour the first weeks?

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