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Cottony Fur

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Hi,, I am new to this forum.. My name is Myra.. I have two 6 yr old mixed breed long hair cats.. They are Miss Kittye and Smoki the Cat... They both have that cottony fur that sticks to everything, especially Smoki.. they also matt really easily.. Have any suggestions, Help????? thanks,,, ttfn
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The only way to help with the shedding and matts is brushing daily or twice a week. The very wide tooth combs are good at getting tangles out and you need to use a slicker brush for the loose hairs. After bathing, you can use a leave in conditioner and use baby powder to help loosen the matts. You can also use a sp?(chamoi) for car washing to get loose hairs off.
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My Clyde also has cotton-y long hairs. We haven't had too much of a problem because we brush him daily (with a slicker type brush)! He loves it too!
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ok,, I will try the slicker kind of brush.. I have the needlely kind.. Been trying to cut the matts out ,but trying to get a 20lb cat to hold still is a treat.. lol.. My other one 15lbs ,, kicks and bites.
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LOL it sounds like my 22lb Jack. I just gave him a bath tonight..hehe. It takes 2 of us to brush him!! What I do is since he is an indoor only cat, I take him every summer to have him shaved like a lion. Then it takes till next summer for all the hair to grow back. Its the only way I can keep him from getting so matted that it would be unhealthy.
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We also have a cat with a cottony base type fur. What brand of conditioner would you recommend? Is there one that really stands out? I'd love to find something that helps with the matting - but so far, everything we've tried doesn't seem to help much.
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I havnt found a sure fire conditioner. I use the clairol daily defense leave in. It helps a little but not all together. The only thing that makes mats easier is brushing daily, which I can't do right now. I just use a dematting comb and scissors when need be on the ones I cant brush out. They get brushed every few days, but the mats still show up. Also, to get the mats out you can use a little baby powder.
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I do not have this problem with my cat but I had a chow that did! I used Infusium 23 which is not really a detangler but is a leave-in conditioner! It worked in him! It also is great for me on my "bad hair days"
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Alex got his first lion cut 2 weeks ago. At first he hated it and whined like crazy. Now he seems happier. He likes being petted more and is more active. I guess I'd be cranky and lethargic, too, if I had to wear a thick fur coat on 70 degree or higher days.
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