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I saw this post in another forum....

Perhaps you remember the West VA shelter that had that horrible furnace explosion fire that destroyed their building and killed most of the cats and kittens there back in November--there was even a TV crew onsite to film what was supposed to be the furnace getting fixed thanks to previous pleas for help and media coverage. This small group took over shelter operations from the county that used to use the gas chamber and have been trying to be no kill. Now they are still in temporary makeshift quarters and new cats just keep on coming. It's a very very poor area and most of the volunteers are online rather than local. They've been able to find some dog rescues and transports but no takers for cats. Here's the link to Mason County Animal Welfare League. Please if anyone has any ideas/suggestions, email me or the contact there. I know they are looking for a cat rescue researcher/rescue coordinator who could work online. These West VA volunteers and staff have been through so much, especially if you watch the video of the fire. There are photos online also of the damage done. Can we find some way to spare them the pain of having to pts cats? There are 3 dogs listed as Urgent also. Thank you for reading!