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Explanation for sudden death?

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Two years ago I took in an 8 week old kitten someone had dumped in a field. I tried to adopt her out, but she remained incredibly skittish and terrified of all people except me so I kept her.

She was healthy and happy and a loving companion to my other feral cat. She had no sign of the slightest thing wrong with her - ever.

Last October 13 I got up and found her dead on my sofa. She was lying in a comfortable curled position and showed no signs of any distress or pain.

I was totally devastated and had her cremated and her ashes returned to me.

I asked my vet what could cause instantaneous death in a seemingly healthy two year old cat. She told me cardiomyopathy could be the cause.

I am still upset about this and wish I had done a necropsy. Has anyone else ever had this happen and if so, what caused it?
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I actually have never had anything like that happen to me. And it sounds just terrible. I am very sorry for your loss. In fact, I just really dont know anything about sudden kitty deaths. The topic of this thread kind of made me think Oh my gosh! So I had to say something.
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Around 10 yrs (?) ago one of cats Lucy went into convulsions and died in just a few minutes She seemed very healthy up until that point and always checked out well at the vet. We couldn't afford a necropsy and I still wonder what happened.

Sorry I can't shed some light on your situation, just wanted you to know you weren't alone.
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I did have necropsies done on several kittens who have died over the last few years. Only one found a cause of death. Even a necropsy often does not show cause of death. And it can be quite expensive. (I work in foster care, so the foster agency decided to do the necropsies, and paid for them.)

Your post will probably be moved to the Rainbow Bridge forum, where we share memories and feelings about losing a kitty. Although intellectually you think that an answer will ease your pain, in reality even when we know for sure what happened, the pain remains.

Condolences on your loss. What a tragedy. I hope you will find comfort in the posts of people like myself, who have lost beloved kitties. In my signature is a picture of my girl Festus. We initially planned to keep her jet black sister Mattie...only to have her slip away at less than a year old due to FIP. While I knew what was causing it, the pain of watching her fade away from us was severe.

She was lucky to have been truly loved, and really happy in your home. Now she is forever free, across the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace, sweet baby. Your time here was way too short.

Here is a link to the story of the Rainbow Bridge.
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One can hear sometimes about cats going away in just a couple of minutes. But usually are dying during these minutes. Often probably rupture of a big blood vessel is the cause.

Them peacefully going away in sleep, like a old man, is not common at all. Some sort of cardiac failure?, why not.
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One cause of sudden death is Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. My Andrei died last year from HCM. His death was completely unexpected as he seemed healthy. I also found him curled up on the couch looking perfectly comfortable, but he was dead. We were devastated.
He was only 3 years old and we loved him dearly.
Our vet said HCM is the most common explanation for sudden death in a previously heatlhy seeming cat; a blood clot that goes to the brain,lungs or brain kills instantly. I had the vet do a necropsy and that confirmed that Andrei died from HCM.
We took comfort in knowing that Andrei died quickly and painlessly. We are grateful that he never suffered, but I know how hard it is to come to grips with a beloved pet dying without warning.
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Thanks everyone. I guess I'll accept cardiomyopathy as the answer to this.

Since this thread will be moved, I hope it's okay if I put a picture here of my Stinkerbell - weird, spooky, strange little girl who liked to bite my chin and who I loved so dearly.
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Such a pretty kitty . . . I'm so sorry for your loss. Such a sudden death of a young, apparently healthy kitty makes it very difficult for you. Let memories and the fact that she didn't suffer comfort you.

Rest in peace, Stinkerbell.
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such a gorgeous girl

I am so sorry for you loss and that I cant help you with answers. Take comfort that she passed without pain

RIP sweet gorgeous girl
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Stinkerbell was a beautiful cat. I am so sorry what happened to her. The pain never really goes away. I just hope your memories will bring you pleasure. It is good that your cat didn't get sick and never suffered. Rest in peace wonderful kitty. I can tell from your picture you really were a sweetheart of a cat. You are loved and missed.
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Losing a furbaby is always a tragedy. Losing one so suddenly and unexpectedly is completely heartbreaking. I am sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful girl.
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I am so sorry for your loss. She was so lucky to have you to care for her.
She was a beautiful cat... It is always so sad when they leave us....
RIP Stinkerbell.
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I am so sorry for your loss... At least you can rest assured that she died peacefully knowing that she was loved.
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Your Stinkerbell was a beauty. Much like my deaf "Frosty" in looks. I know how hard it is to lose such a beloved baby, but it was a blessing she went quickly, in the home and with the family she loved.
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