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Scooter doesn't love his meowmy!

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I made him mad today by cleaning the gunk out of his ears. He avoided me most of the day, but when it got to be kitty feeding time he was in his usual place under my feet. I picked him up and kissed his head, but he wiggled away from me. I set him down and asked him "do you still love your meowmy?" He threw his ears down, lowered his head and let out a howl that sounded like NOOOOOO!!! Then he bared his teeth at me. It was so cute to see him trying to act fierce. He can hold a grudge like no cat I have ever seen. Sometimes he will be mad for days, depending on how we have offended him. I just looked over at him, and he is still ignoring me.
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Been there, done that, have the scars...
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They are SOOOOOOOOOO funny when they have a "mad" on!
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I woke up this morning and realized he had not slept in his usual place. He had gotten locked in the dining room all night. We close it off because we don't heat it, but they love to hang out there. I guess he got up with my s/o to raid the fridge late last night, and stayed. He was an angry, howling boy when I fed them this morning, but got his little fuzzy behind on this side of the door when I left the room. At this rate he will be mad for weeks!
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Oh are you in his bad books after all that

Awww but look at his liitle face in your siggy!
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oooh noo! one thing after another for him! He is lovely though, Ginger cats the fabulous
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Ya blew it again, eh, Mum??
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Yup! It was cold this morning, so he decided he wasn't mad any more when he wanted me to cuddle him. His little paws get cold on the hardwood floors, so he likes to get under the covers and be held like a baby. He will put his cold paws under my chin until they get warm. He has the coldest paws ever. I wish I could get him some kitty slippers.
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