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I have been having multiple cats spayed/neutered & UTD on shots. Right now, three females are at the vet, they got spayed this morning(counting Lily). I pick them up tomorrow morning & drop off 4 males to get neutered. The males are in a crate in the kitchen right now. There are three spayed(as of yesterday) females in the bathroom right now. Three more males get neutered on Friday. That will be a total of 12 newly altered cats(excluding Lily) that might end up living in the bathroom for awhile.

Can I put the altered males & females in the bathroom togetherThe bathroom should be big enough for them all. They don't seem to do much right now(the females don't anyway). All of them got along very well previously & they are the good-natured/laid back ones, so I would assume they would be OK together. They are all getting UTD on shots & FeLuk tested, too.

How long are the hormones "in their systems"? The males being neutered tomorrow are 10 months old & not really "tomcatty" yet.

Anyting in particular I should know about after neuter care? I have never had a male dog or cat neutered. About how long does it take them to bounce back to normal after being neutered? The females are still lounging around(they aer 3-5 years old), but the males are only 10 months & very active to start with.

How long after getting UTD on shots, wormed, & ear mite treatment can I let them loose in the basment with contaminating everything? I don't really want to have to try to sanitize the carpet.