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Undercover Kitty

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Go Fred! Nail them bad guys!
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Fred is a stunner!
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What a sweet boy! Good on ya, for helping nail the bad guy, Fred!
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I love stories like this!

Go Fred!
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Ha! go Fred!
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Go on Fred!
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OOooooo now that's a man in a uniform I COULD get away with bringing home!!
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I absolutely LOVE those stories! Fred rocks...and what a handsome man I just thought it was too cute that he has a tiny badge to pin on his collar...how adorable
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Yay Fred!
I wonder how much of this goes on undetected?
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What a good detective Fred is! He needs a better medal than a badge! What a great kitty!
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Here is what got me...

Burt's owner, Raymond Reid, contacted authorities after the dog survived a botched operation. In hindsight, he said, he should have been suspicious of a veterinarian who only made house calls and treated animals at an undisclosed location.

It's unbelievable that someone wouldn't be suspicious of this!! Also, $135 for a neuter???

Glad they got this idiot!
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