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Prayers for a friend's mom

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I desperately need some of our magical TCS vibes as sson as possible!

Yesterday, a co-worker and friend of mine went home on her lunch break to her mother, screaming anf yelling and throwing up. She took her mom to the emergency room and they were going to run X-rays to see if she was deteriorating(she had had a stomach ulcer burst a few years back and thought she may have a disease in which your organs and muscles shut down(don't know if this is scleroderma-my aunt has it))They ran more tests on her during that time and found that her intestines are twisted(not good at all). They then pumped her stomach and put her on medications to see if they could untwist themselves. If this does not work, they will perform emergency surgery to un-twist her intestines. I will find out what happened tomorrow when I go to work. *Maggie was not at work today(another friend called during HER break to see what is going on) and may not be there tomorrow. Could I please get some amazing TCS vibes and prayers for Maggie's mom? You guys are amazing and I really hope she pulls through for Maggie's sake.

*name has been changed
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Hope it works itself out!

I know someone who had a section of his intestines removed and he is fine.
Hopefully if it comes to that it will be a quick recovery!

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Many good vibes for a good outcome!
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When mom was diagnosed w/ovarian cancer 23 yrs ago she had part of her intestine removed and she has been good ever since. I hope her treatment goes well.
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More {{{prayers & vibes}}} coming your way! Poor, poor lady - what agony she must have endured! And hugs to Maggie, for having to see her mother go through this
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wow, that's a lot for someone to go through. I'll keep her in my prayers! Good Luck!
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