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An odd question

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How long is a urine sample good for?

Lol, i know. Its funny to me because i never would have thought to ask this in my life!

I took Sakura to the vet today about her not using the litter box and she told me to get a urine sample and gave me Nosorb to put in a clean litterbox. I dont remember her telling me how long of a time I have to get it in by. I would call her but now the office is closed. I looked around on the interent and some sites say 2-3 hours and some say 12 hours. Some say to refridgerate it until i can get it in and some say dont. Now im really confused.

If anyone out there can help me out it would be greatly apreciated!
Thank you.
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I would say as soon as possible.

You can refridgerate it, but extreme cold will kill bacteria if they are trying to look for a urine infection.
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oh, well thanx for the reply. I did get a sample tonight but if it isnt good enough ill just have to get another one.
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You can also use fish tank pebbles in the litter box (instead of litter) and then use a syringe to suck the urine out of the box. My former vet used to sell these urine test kits and that's all that was in it!

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It depends on what they are testing it for. If they are checking for crystals, I believe it needs to be a fresh sample and should not be refrigerated.
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well i phoned the vet office this morning. They said try to get a fresh one this morning and if not then bring the old one in.

Thank you for all the help and suggestions.
wish us luck
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Well i had to give the vet the urine from the fridge but i guess it was good enough. They found signs of a UTI so now shes on atibiotics.

Thanks to all again.
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I hope your kitty feels better soon!
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a urine sample is only good for 30 minutes if they are checking for crystals or bacteria.

or in other words fresher the better
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According to my vet, max four hours, after that the bacteria levels aren't reliable anymore. You can refigerate if you're not testing for crystals, they'll dissolve in cold. The fridge won't kill the bacteria, it'll just slow their growth.
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