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Girl and Boy Scouts

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I am thinking that when I become fully employed, I want to put my children through scouting. I used to be a Girl Scout(cadette and Senior) and it was a lot of fun. We volunteered, went to camps(I loved camps), etc. My daughter is five, so she is eligible and the cost is $7.00 a year. Is anyone involved in scouting, either for boys or girls? I want to put my son in to Cub Scouts. It would be really good for them to learn valuable skills. I also love the Girl Scout cookies.
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Girlscout cookies are the best!! I don't know what they put in them to make them so irresistable, but they're better than any other cookie out there!! (in my opinion anyways)
The cost for putting your children through girl scouts is really cheap!! I thought it would be a lot more expensive than 7.00. Did you mean 70?? Or is it really 7?
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About twelve years ago, I decided to put my son in scouts. At the time the youngest group was no longer cubs, it was tiger cubs. I wanted him in scouts because he is fatherless and he was too young for the local Big Brothers.

I was very disappointed because tiger cubs requires all parents to attend all den meetings, and all the boys were from single mother homes! There were no MEN involved!

But the next year he would be graduated to a real den, with a den leader and no parents hanging around.

Unfortunately, by then I was recovering from a critical illness and had lost my job because of it (a double financial whammy). At the organizational meeting, I approached the man who had led the meeting inquiring about scholarships, because I knew they existed. The guy was the type that in all likelihood hated single women, as well as blacks, gays, jews, etc. - you get the type. Anyway, we looked down his nose at me and started drawling "see here, the thing about that is, if you don't pay your son's dues, that means one of us other parents do."

I stalked out, because either this guy was flat out lying to me, or the Boy Scouts were engaging in unethical practices. Because, see here, the Boy Scouts are the richest non-profit organization in America. And they couldn't shell out $7 from their coffers for a fatherless boy whose mother was on welfare due to almost having died? Either way, I didn't feel like my son would ever be welcomed, and I realized the Boy Scouts were not as I remembered them when my brother was in, and my dad was the den leader.

Ironically, a few weeks later the membership confirmation came in the mail. The a***** didn't even bother to tell me that he would go ahead and request the scholarship anyway. Why try to intimidate my son out of joining, if he was going to go ahead and put the paperwork in anyway?

By then, neither me or my son were interested anymore. And by next spring he was matched with a wonderful Big Brother.

And I got a little secret satisfaction in knowing the Boy Scouts shelled out their bankrupting $7 for nothing!

But, I'm sure other people have had more positive experiences than we did.
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