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eating plants

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Buttercup will be two years old this summer. Recently I bought two medium sized plants, and I noticed that the leaves had a shredded look. I walked in and noticed her chowing down on them! I've moved the plants three times, they are high on the entertainment center, and she still jumps up there and chews on the plants. I've sprayed her with water whenever I can catch her, but of course when i'm at work, she can have a feast.

why do cats do this? what can i do to make her stop?
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Dozens upon dozens of plants are VERY poisonous to cats. You didn't say what kind of plant they were, but check ASAP to make sure they are safe to have anywhere in your house at all.

Assuming that you know for a fact that your plants won't hurt your cat, you can hang your plants from the ceiling.

Supply buttercup with a plant just for her-- they make pots of cat grass that you pretty much just water and leave be.

There's probably something you could put on the plants, like tobasco or something, but I'm not a botanist and so have no idea what effect they have on the plant. I'm sure someone will be along shortly re: that issue.
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it was some $3 plant i picked up at walmart, I couldnt even guess what kind of plant it is. I'm assuming it isnt harmful, she's been chowing down on them for a week and hasnt been sick at all or showed me any wierd behavior. She does know what she is doing is wrong, anytime I walk in the room and she's up there, she immediately runs for cover
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I second the cat grass idea. Sounds like she just wants something green to munch on.
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Here is a list of poisonous plants to cats:

http://www.cfainc.org/articles/plants.html (there are other lists all over, too)

Just because she doesn't show signs yet doesn't mean it isn't hurting her. If you look on the tag with the barcode or your receipt it might have something that will tell you. Please check. Some of these plants are ridiculously common, and the list is long. Someone let my kitten eat poinsettia while I was on vacation and though she didn't get sick, she could have. I would hate to see your cat sick over something so silly.

Actually, CHIA makes cat grass. It has sylvester and tweety on it! The Chia website claims that plants help them digest food (like, we eat lettuce) as well as lubricate hairballs. Then, they are the ones selling it.
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