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Squinting eyes

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One of my Cats has started squniting her eyes when I talk to her, she will almost have them closed and bat them like that, what's up with that, I know they talk with there eyes Real slow little batting while squinting
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Twitch does that, too. I know she isn't listening to me, though. (she's deaf) She likes to look at me winky-eyed, too. I have no idea why. Maybe they think we look stupid & doing weird things with their eyes makes us look more "normal" to them? Sorry, no other ideas why!
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My younger kitty does this too. I think it's because we "comfort" them with our voices. I noticed it real good when he had his trip to the vet, he was so scared, and when I talked to him, his eyes squinted and he got alot less scared.

I did it the whole way home untill his eyes just finally shut, and he went to sleep. It was the cutest thing. It was like I was actually being his "meowmy" and it really helped him be less scared.

But like I said, I think maybe it's a comforting thing.
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Oliver does the squnity thing too when you talk to him sometimes... and since I'm usually telling him how handsome and wonderful he is (and right now what a good little kitty nurse he's being for his mommy) I take it as him being flattered by the compliments... kinda like "oh... go on....." I agree it's just a response to you talking to them/communication and not that your kitty needs glasses, hehehe
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