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Photo bucket

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OK, what is this photo bucket everyone talks about & is this how people are able to put several photos in one post?
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Photobucket is an image hosting site, where you upload your images, and then remote link to them from here. I think you can still get free accounts, with some restriction on bandwidth use and storage capacity, but it's not expensive if you want to pay for an account. Once your images are on photobucket, you'll see thumbnails of them, with three lines of code underneath each one. The third line [IMG][/IMG] is the one you want, and you just copy and paste it into your message here. Easy as pie. Can't wait to see pics!
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www.photobucket.com It's a photo hosting service that allows remote linking. They have both free and paid accounts, the free accounts just don't allow you to store as many pictures and has limits on the amount of bandwidth you can use (I've never had a problem with my free account not being enough, though).
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both Fran & Heidi have explained it already to you - but let me know if you need further help with photobucket or help working your way through posting photos more than happy to help - just send me a pm
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