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Rescue Resources for help with vet bills?

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We recently rescued an abused momma cat and her baby (well she's not a baby anymore, but it's her daughter). Momma has bleeding behind the eye and was in obvious pain for a couple of weeks. Vet found nothing broken, and lab work revealed no issues. After a couple of weeks, momma is no longer in pain, is eating, and coming around and being more friendly. She's not adoptable yet, but will be. Our big problem? On our tiny shoe string budet, we've racked up quite a big vet bill for her, and I'm wondering if there are grants or something we can look into while our non profit status is still pending? We've received some donations for her bills on our website, but we're still short about $260 and that doesn't cover anything but her vet bills to date, no spay or combo test, or shots that we cover within our budget and are generally recouped via adoption fees.

If anyone can point me in some direction I'd be very grateful. I thought about imom, but they limit applications to once per year, and I would rather keep that option open for a more financially impacting case (for example, we thought Wishes might lose her eye because of the bleeding - that would have been way more expensive).

This is Wishes:

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Contact these groups:


Diabetic Pet Fund: http://www.petdiabetes.net/fund/
Special Needs cats: http://www.catsincrisis.org/crisisFund.html
Feline kidney disease: http://www.catsincrisis.org/mesaFund.html
Feline heart and thyroid: http://www.catsincrisis.org/stripesFund.html
Feline neurological disorder: http://www.catsincrisis.org/gillieFund.html


Los Angeles area: http://www.actorsandothers.com/emergencyhelp.html
Redwood City area: http://www.petsinneed.org/Services.html
Bay Cities area: http://www.narfrescue.org/services/v...ry_support.htm
Colorado: http://www.dreampower-arf.com/ffriends.cfm
New York: http://www.nysave.org/
North Carolina: http://www.ashleyfund.org/
Oregon: http://www.bearenfoundation.org/
Rhode Island: http://www.defendersofanimals.org/
Washington state:


The Animal Foundation: http://www.theanimalfund.com
Help-a-Pet: http://www.help-a-pet.org/index5.html
In Memory of Magic: http://www.imom.org/
United Animal Nations: http://www.uan.org/lifeline/resources.html
The Pet Fund: http://www.thepetfund.com/
Cats: http://www.fveap.org/sys-tmpl/door/


HSUS: http://www.hsus.org/ace/11875
IMOM: http://www.imom.org/fa/others.htm
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The only one I'd looked into so far was IMOM, and we didn't qualify because the vet work has already been done.
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Here is another link that might help.

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Wow, I am very impressed - I was going to suggest imom - I did not realize there are so many groups. Thanks so much for that info!!! I know some of those groups but did not realize they provide health coverage too - how wonderful!!
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