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Favorite Animal Charity?

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In place of favors at our wedding, I would like to make a contribution to an animal charity that serves, protects and helps all of our furry friends. Please list some of your favorite animal charities with reasons why you think it would be best benefit.
Thanks so much!
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The Humane Society Of course!
They take in as many animals as they can and are NO KILL!!
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I like my local no-kill charity as its run by a group of kind people all from their houses.
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A local one, that is the Tree House Animal Foundation (my second home!), but they are truly excellent and do more than just work inthe area. You should check out their website sometime!
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Nationally I donate to Best Friends and Pet-Abuse.com. I also sponsor a cat cage at one of the local animal shelters. The local shelters always have a list of things they need so perhaps if someone didn't want to do cash perhaps a gift card at local petshop or discount store of cleaning products.
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Tha Cats Protection
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Thanks for you replies everyone! I was thinking about Best Friends and the Humane Society of DE as I have contributed to them before. What about the SPCA and ASPCA? They are not a no-kill shelter, are they? Can anyone give me info about them. Thanks!!
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I get pretty sad whenever I watch "animal rescue" on Animal Planet channel so I donate as much as I can to ASPCA everymonth. Operating since 1866, recuing and sheltering animals.
for more information visit www.aspca.org

great site with great information.
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I am a member of the ASPCA, have been for around 2 yrs. they are simply
awesome! I believe we all should be involved somehow with them! (maybe in our own areas also), but I have to tell you what really made me realize I was
an animal activist, I was pregant with my son, 10 yrs. ago, when I saw something on TV, they were having dogs, chase pigs around a pen, and the dogs ended up killing the pigs! And to top it off, people were there spectating!
I was soooooo upset, I didn't know I cared about a pig soooo much!! I called my husband at work crying and just beside myself. after he calmed me down, I started doing research. And from that show, they also showed
animals from the circus, Elephants to be exact! OMG! How they beat them, to teach them to perform for our pleasure, I never really thought about it ,
but that just enraged me! I then joined PAWS- performing animal welfare society! They rescue all zoo and circus animals that are retired or even take them out of abusive situations!!! Thanks! Monique
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