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Made it!!

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Just wanted to let everyone know that we all made it to Minnesota safe and sound. I can't talk long maybe when i get my puter set up ill be able to chat more....

miss yall bunches

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good to hear, glad you arrived safely
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How wonderful to hear from you, Val, thank you so much for checking in! I'm so thankful you all made it there safely! Sure do look forward to seeing you more often as soon as your settled in!
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Welcome to MN!!

I'm glad that you made it very safe and sound!
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That's good to hear! Thanks for letting us know, and I hope you settle in quickly.
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ok so i have found a apartment close to green lake and it is sooo pretty up here sadly i have lost 2 of my furbabies. Nahima went to a huge farm with several kids so she has lots of room to play and run and Isis decided that she liked my neighbor in texas more than me so she stayed there with a loving older lady.I had no choice in finding a home for Nahima no place wanted to rent to me because I had her no only because she is going to be a really big dog but also because she was a puppy. i miss both of them soooo much but they are both happy. i still get to visit and play with nahima because the gentlman that took her is one of my dad best friends so i get to see her anytime i want. next is getting a truck and a job in that order lol. ill keep yall updated as i go along i should be getting internet within a couple of days so i will be online more
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Sorry to hear you lost the kids. Glad you can see Nahima- I know about apt looking I hate it!!! I could'nt imagine trying to find one to accept dogs, it's hard enough finding one ok with 2 cats. Isis seems to have made her own mind up huh?
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Great to hear!!, thanks for checking in....look forward to hearing more from you soon!
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Welcome to the colder weather!!!
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welcome to MN
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
welcome to MN
Yup, Same here! There's a bunch of us from Minnesota! Now pray for warmer weather!!
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Glad to hear you arrived safe and sound.
Good luck with the truck & job hunting!
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that she did for sure lol but they are happy with her and she seems to love it there.
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i can't wait to get back online!!!!!!
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Glad to know all is OK. Good vibes coming to you for the next steps.
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